These Are This Summer’s Men’s Clothing Trends!

Due to all the rain of the past few weeks, the weather finally seems to be getting better. That means that we can finally get our clothes out of the closet for spring. Do you find out that you may not have as many clothes for spring and summer as you thought? Then it’s time to go shopping. If you are going to buy new summer clothing, it is of course useful to know what the clothing trends of this summer are. In this article we list the most important clothing trends for men!

Bright colors are definitely allowed

If you like bright colours, you can go all-out with your outfits this summer. This summer we are not afraid of colors. This year the color palette tends towards pastel shades for the summer. You will see a lot of blue, riva and mint in particular when the weather gets better. You can combine these shades perfectly with light colors such as white, ecru and sand. This summer, however, you can also just walk down the street in bright neon colours. Brightly colored T-shirts for men are therefore a good purchase in 2023. But where do you buy those nice colored shirts? Otto has a wide range of t-shirts for men in various colours.

The chic look

Do you like to dress chic? In the summer, people often think it’s out of place to dress up, but this year you don’t have to worry about that. If you prefer formal clothes to comfortable clothes, this summer trend is ideal for you. For example, the waistcoat is completely back and you will also see many polo sweaters on a cooler summer evening. These garments are perfect for putting together a beautiful outfit for a summer wedding or other chic event. All you need is a nice pair of men’s shoes and your outfit is complete!

Sustainable clothing

Another important trend for this summer is wearing sustainable clothing. The way the clothes we buy are produced is becoming increasingly important to us. This is especially true for the younger generations and you can also see that with many fashion brands. Think, for example, of clothing whose materials have been grown without the use of harmful chemicals or fair trade clothing that has not been made by slaves or children. It is therefore not only about environmental friendliness and circular clothing, but also about clothing that is manufactured under people-friendly working conditions and clothing that is made from materials for which farmers have received a fair price. Of course, buying second-hand clothing is also a good way to be sustainable this summer.

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