These are the pregnancy hormones you’re getting (and they’re useful)

Being quickly stimulated or suddenly feeling like a lot of liters of milk, with your pregnancy you never really know what to expect. It’s the pregnancy hormones that cause the alleged mood swings and binge eating, but what else are they good for?

Hormone fluctuations during pregnancy are normal, it’s part of preparing your body for childbirth. During pregnancy, certain hormones are produced in excess, so that the amount is out of balance and you end up with the baked pears.


The hormones can cause a lot of changes and we’re not just talking about your emotions. You can also notice it on your skin, your nails, teeth or your hair. It can also cause mood swings. It’s basically like your period, only much worse and for nine months. What a luck!

The different pregnancy hormones

Still useful if you know what those hormones are good for. Who knows, they might blame it if you’re grumpy again.

The pregnancy hormone hCG

Human chorionic ganadotropin or the hCG chromosome is measured when taking a pregnancy test. Then it is not surprising that this hormone also causes the first symptoms: headache, nausea, fatigue, mood swings and dizziness. This hormone also has a number of good sides; it ensures the growth and protection of the miracle in your belly.

The pregnancy hormone progesterone

“Umm… what was I going to say again?” Have you ever thought this during your pregnancy? That is not strange at all, because that forgetfulness is caused by progesterone. As a result, your brain relaxes slightly. This pregnancy hormone also causes fatigue and the need to urinate more often. Progesterone also prevents your uterus from contracting on its own. It also decreases towards the end, so that your contractions are not stopped.

The pregnancy hormone 0 estrogen

The (possible) growth of your breasts is due to the hormone estrogen. Due to the growth of your blood vessels and the stimulation of the mammary glands, your breasts can move up a size. Furthermore, it also ensures the growth of your uterus. So think of it this way: estrogen is actually the growth hormone.

The pregnancy hormone oxytocin

This hormone plays a major role during childbirth. Previously, oxytocin is limited by progesterone, but during labor this reverses. Oxytocin is also known as the cuddle hormone. It creates a sense of connection and dims your stress. It’s nice that your body just arranges that for you!

The pregnancy hormone prolactin

The production of breast milk is done by prolactin. The breast tissue is prepared for breastfeeding and milk delivery.

The pregnancy hormone HPL

Human Placental Lactogen (HPL) is supposed to prevent your body from rejecting your embryo. In addition, it inhibits the production of prolactin. After giving birth, this decreases, so that you can breastfeed your baby.

The pregnancy hormone relaxin

The weakening and softening of supporting ligaments of your joints is due to relaxin. You can even waddle through it. Because it relaxes your joints, you can suffer from pelvic instability and back problems and that can make you walk crazy. The reason for this is that relaxin ensures that the pelvis becomes more flexible before childbirth.

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