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An undiscovered city is Lyon, which is also known as the culinary capital of Europe, if only because of the famous chef Bocuse. With the latest Time to momo city guide of Lyon in hand, we traveled to the city by train in just six hours to see all highlights to discover the city. We went on an adventure in a city that we normally drive past along the road path du soleil, but is definitely worth a city trip. Lyon is really top and offers a lot. Read on quickly and let yourself be convinced!

Lyon you are so cute

Photographer Vincent van den Hoogen

Lyon has an unprecedented amount to offer and when I leaf through the Time to Momo city guide, the city already comes to life. Local Helen describes the countless small shops, from vintage to interior and from clothing to art.

The large squares, beautiful museums and a beautiful park where you just bump into giraffes. Everywhere there are terraces on the sidewalk and if the sun shines for just a moment, everyone comes outside. From the old town – which is slightly higher – you have a beautiful view over the rivers Rhône and Saône.

With the TGV you are in Lyon in 6 hours. If you leave around 07:00, you can already walk around Lyon around 2:30 in the afternoon. The bags can be quickly dropped off at the hotel and then, with a city guide in hand, you can discover the creative districts of Presqu’île & Les Pentes. You will be amazed at the street art, historic buildings and squares, gardens and nice shops.
After a cultural afternoon it is nice to stay on one of the many French terraces.

The city of secret doors

Lyon is known for its rich history, architecture and cultural heritage, which also has a fascinating network of hidden passageways and corridors. These so-called “traboulesare covered passageways that run through buildings and connect different streets. They were originally used by silk merchants in the 19th century to transport their goods, but were later also used by resistance fighters and residents during wars and conflicts.

Intriguing and great to discover the historical details, such as mosaics, carvings and old stone stairs. Some traboules are open to the public where you really go back in time. Really recommended.

Apéritive or drink in ‘Le Dôme’

There is much to do and admire in Lyon. Whether it’s a boat trip, a nice walk, or a visit to a museum, be sure to visit le Dome. This is a wonderful place for an aperitif and to feast your eyes. And if you can stay there, it is definitely recommended!

By bike

Lyon is working hard to become a bicycle city and is therefore really recommended to discover by bicycle. If you are visiting Lyon and are interested in modern architecture, art and lively atmosphere, this is the place to be La Confluence therefore definitely worth a visit. Exploring this neighborhood by bicycle offers you the opportunity to make the most of your experience by experiencing the unique charm and vibrancy of the area.

By bike, you can easily cycle to several attractions, such as the Musée des Confluences, a futuristic museum that explores the history of mankind, and the Confluence shopping center with its many shops and eateries.


The Funicular in Lyon is a historic means of transport that has been in operation since the end of the 19th century. It is therefore great fun to take this means of transport to the neighborhood at the top of the hill: Fourvière, one of the first residential areas of the city. In addition to a number of parks with spectacular views, you will find remnants of Roman times here, such as the Theaters Romains amphitheater. Here is also the eye-catcher of the city: The Basilique Notre-Dame de Fourvière.

All in all, the Funicular in Lyon is a combination of historical value, beautiful views and convenient access to major attractions. It is definitely recommended for visitors who want to explore Lyon in a unique way.

To dine

No city trip is complete without nice places to have lunch, breakfast or dinner. We tip a few hotspots, but with your Time to Momo travel guide you have a zipper of nice places that you can discover!

Lunch at a bouchon, a restaurant where you can eat traditional Lyonnaise dishes. Or to Maison Têtedoie with the beautiful rooftop view.

Dinner at Brasserie Georgesa concept in the city.

Brasserie le Nord by Paul Bocuse Paul Bocuse’s famous restaurant Brasserie le Nord is located in the Presqu’île district.

Local delicacies
Shopping in the market hall Les Halles de Paul Bocuse, full of sumptuous French delicacies.

Lyon, new city guide

Of Time to Momo Lyon you get the most out of your city trip and you can walk straight from your hotel to the nicest areas of the city. After all, during a city trip you don’t want to lose any time and enjoy the city efficiently. Time and time again the city trips show you the best way to new restaurants, the best coffee and discover the secrets of the local admirers.

The power of the Time to Momo city guides is that the tips come from local authors who, out of love for their city, only share the real highlights with you. That’s how you hit the busy thirteen-in-a-dozen shopping streets and, while taking in a sight along the way, you walk to the nicest addresses where the locals like to visit. We have experienced this in Paris, Kortrijk and now again in Lyon.

In the guide you will find 6 surprising routes through the different neighborhoods of Lyon and you will discover the city at your own pace and experience the local lifestyle. So plan that city trip to Lyon and off you go!

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