These are the 5 youngest billionaires in the world and their net worth

Learned young is done old, especially when the money grows on the back early. Just claim part of that inheritance; these are the five youngest billionaires on the planet.

The 32-year-old Japanese newcomer to the list of global billionaires does not even sniff the top twenty with his elderly age. But who are the five youngest billionaires in the world?

The youngest billionaires in the world

Who in the Netherlands or Belgium has the most bottomless wallet in the back pocket is already part of your ready knowledge. Just like who was the only new woman in the top 100 of young Dutch millionaires. Unless it’s about numbers one and two, however, the bell is less likely to ring with these names.

Scions from families that are twice on the list of youngest billionaires have not been added. Because of this, the 21-year-old brother of Clemente Del Vecchio (normally fourth place) and the 21-year-old sister of Kim Jung-youn (normally fifth place) are not included. All figures are based on the Real Time Billionaire’s List from Forbes.

1. Clemente Del Vecchio

When his father died, Clemente and his five brothers and sisters each inherited an equal share of the estate. Leonardo Del Vecchio was the founder and former CEO of Luxottica, the largest eyewear company in the world. Read more about the world’s youngest billionaire in this article.

Age: 19

Assets: 3.77 billion euros

Source of income: Luxottica

2. Kim Jung-youn

Kim Jung-youn’s father was one of the first South Korean tech wizards. Nexon is a developer of online games that are very popular mainly in Asia. Sadly, Kim Jung-ju passed away unexpectedly in 2012, making his daughter the world’s second youngest billionaire. Learn more about her in this article.

Age: 19

Assets: 1.47 billion euros

Source of income: Nexon

3.Kevin David Lehmann

Guenther Lehmann’s investment in the German Kruidvat in 1974 was not a bad move. He has now transferred his 50 percent shares in dm-drierie to his son Kevin. However, both are not involved in the management of the retail chain. So enjoy your retirement.

Age: 20

Assets: 2.11 billion euros

Source of income: DM Drugstore

4.Alexander Andresen

Alexandra Andresen and her older sister each owned 42 percent of the family business. Father Johan is still CEO of the investment company Ferd. The well-known family in Norway sold their shares in the tobacco company in 2005 with which the first wealth was amassed, about 100 years ago.

Age: 26

Assets: 1.38 billion euros

Source of income: Ferd

5. Wang Zelong

Little is known about Wang Zelong, except that she inherited a share of more than a billion in a company that produces titanium dioxide; a pigment used in soap, among other things. The Chinese is in any case the fifth youngest billionaire in the world.

Age: 26

Assets: 1.2 billion euros

Source of income: CNNC Hua Yuan Titanium Dioxide

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These are the 5 youngest billionaires in the world and their net worth

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