These are the 4 best hair dryers of 2023 listed ✔️

Whether you’re a styling pro or you only use a hair dryer to blow dry your hair, a good hair dryer should not be missing in your bathroom cabinet. Investing in a good hair dryer is therefore a must.

But how do you choose a good hair dryer? Which properties should you take into account? And what are the best hair dryers of 2023? I’d love to help you on your way, so that you make the best purchase later. Will you read along?

Listed the best hair dryers of 2023

The search for the best hair dryer is getting more and more difficult. Manufacturers such as Braun, Philips, Remington, Braun and Dyson conjure up a selection of new hair dryers almost every year, which means that the range is huge nowadays. To save you some time, I’ve listed the best hair dryers of 2023. Not only were these hair dryers rated with the label best Buy or best tested at consumer organizations such as the Consumers’ Association, Test Aankoop and Kieskeurig… They also receive good reviews from the users themselves. I chose them as if they would be for my wife!


BaByliss 6613DE
  • BaByliss 6613DE

  • Number of temperature settings: 3

  • Overheating protection:

  • Automatic temperature controller:

1st choice

Babyliss 6000E
  • Babyliss 6000E Pro

  • Engine type: Digital engine

  • Number of temperature settings: 2

  • Overheating protection:

  • Automatic temperature controller:

2nd choice

Philips Prestige BHD628 00
  • Philips Prestige BHD628/00

  • Number of temperature settings: 3

  • Overheating protection:

  • Automatic temperature controller:


Dyson Super Sonic 2021
  • Dyson Supersonic

  • Engine type: Digital engine

  • Number of temperature settings: 4

  • Overheating protection:

  • Automatic temperature controller:

PS: Also take a look at the hair dryers with the best price/quality according to the customers and Coolblue. Moreover, there are sometimes nice promotions!

The best hair dryers of 2023 explained for you

Do you want to know more about the hair dryers that came out best in the test in 2023? I have explained them for you below:



BaByliss 6613DE

Are you looking for a good hair dryer in the budget class? Then the BaByliss 6613DE is the best buy! Immediately blowing speed of no less than 110 km/h you dry your hair in an instant, after which you can easily style it with the supplied diffuser and extra narrow nozzle (6 mm). Thanks to the ionic technology, you also prevent your hair from becoming static or frizzy during and after drying. You choose further two blowing speeds, three temperature settings and give your hair a shiny result with the cool shot function. With a weight of 484 grams, the BaByliss 6613DE is also a much lighter than most other hair dryers. In short, if you are looking for the best hair dryer in the budget class, the BaByliss 6613DE is the best buy!


1st choice

Babyliss 6000E Pro

The BaByliss 6000E Pro offers optimal protection for your hair. This hair dryer is equipped with a digital motor. This has some advantages for you. This way you don’t always just blow your hair dry very quickly, the BaByliss 6000E Pro is also light in your hand and is very quiet in use. This professional hair dryer also always blows on one safe temperature of 70°C preventing unnecessary hair damage. Thanks to the ionic function, your hair remains antistatic, fluff-free, soft and shiny! In addition, the Babyliss 6000E Pro comes with a diffuser, narrow nozzle and a extra long cord that turns with your movements. Thanks to the removable filter, you can also keep this fantastic hair dryer in top condition by occasionally removing and cleaning the filter. In short, the Babyliss 6000E Pro is one of the best hair dryers of 2023.


2nd choice

Philips Prestige BHD628/00

The Philips Prestige BHD628/00 often came as one of the best in the tests. This Philips hair dryer is equipped with SenseIQ. This technology measure the temperature of your hair and corrects up to 4000 times the temperature of the airflow to prevent your hair from overheating. Like this you retain the natural moisture content of your hair and your hair remains healthy and shiny. You receive three accessories with the Philips Prestige BHD628/00. You use the supplied wide nozzle for quickly drying your beautiful hair. The narrow nozzle, which concentrates the airflow, is ideal for straightening your hair. Finally, thanks to the diffuser shape your curly hair easily and effortlessly. The Philips Prestige BHD628/00 therefore offers a lot for a relatively low price. This Philips hair dryer is therefore one of the best hair dryers of 2023.

Dyson Super Sonic 2021


Dyson Supersonic

With the Dyson Supersonic you get the Rolls-Royce of hair dryers at home. The special thing about this Dyson hair dryer is the location of the motor. This is not, as with a normal hair dryer, in the top of the device. Dyson has indeed placed the Supersonic’s motor in the handle. This makes the Dyson Supersonic a lot nicer to hold and the device feels lighter than other hair dryers on the market. Dyson has also developed a special technology to dry the hair. Your hair is dried through an opening in the head of the hair dryer. This Dyson hair dryer sucks in extra air through the hole in the opening, creating a powerful airflow. Your hair dries very quickly because of this. The five included attachments are also magnetic, which makes changing very easy and they also do not get hot. Do you use your hair dryer daily or even several times a day? Then the Supersonic is really the best buy! It’s not for nothing that this hair dryer has been named the hair dryer of the moment!

A hair dryer to buy: what should you pay attention to?

With a hair dryer, either hair dryer, you not only blow dry your locks, but you also create a beautifully styled look. The best hair dryer for you largely depends on your hair and wishes. Below I explain what you should pay attention to if you want to buy a good hair dryer.

1. What hair type do you have?

I may not need to tell you that a high power hair dryer blows warmer air than a low power hair dryer. This power is always indicated in the unit of watts. If you have very thick hair, then the best hair dryer for you one with a capacity of 1900 or 2000 watts. This is necessary so that you have the fastest possible drying time. However, are you someone with fine or very thin hair? Then a hair dryer from 1250 to 1500 watts ideal. This allows you to dry your fine or thin hair without any problems.

2. Do you only want to dry your hair or also style it?

A hair dryer with one or two temperature and blower settings is sufficient for drying your hair. Do you also want to style your hair with a hair dryer? Then you need a hair dryer with extra attachments. What you can do with those attachments, I have explained below for you:

With some hair dryers you also receive one round brush with which you model your hair while drying. In addition, sometimes you also receive a storage pouch in which you can safely store your hair dryer and accessories.

3. Are you looking for a silent hair dryer?

Do you remember those noisy hair dryers from the past? I do! It was a sound I could hardly appreciate. Cheap hair dryers are often equipped with a DC motor that, despite a high blowing speed, make a lot of noise. Are you looking for a silent hair dryer? Then the best hair dryers nowadays equipped with a digital motor. This type of motor generates a high blowing speed, makes little noise and is also relatively light compared to its power.

4. What features and ease of use do you want?

You have various functions and features that increase the ease of use of your hair dryer. The main ones are:

hair dryer with retractable cord

Retractable cord

Do you like neatness and order? Then a hair dryer with a retractable cord is the best buy. Hereby unrolls the hair dryer cord back into the handle. This way, the hair dryer not only takes up less space, the cord also does not get tangled.

hair dryer with removable filter

Removable filter

The best hair dryers are equipped with a removable filter. This promotes the life and blowing power of the device because you use it dust in the filter easier to clean. This is not possible with cheap hair dryers.

In addition, also take a look at it weight of the hair dryer. A light hair dryer of 500 grams or less prevents cramps in your arm. In short, the best hair dryer not only means that it does its job well, the device must also be user-friendly.

5. Does the eye also want something?

the best hair dryers sometimes also have a nice design

Does the eye want something too? Then you will also have to take that into account. You will have your hair dryer after all, often use it in front of the mirror. It is therefore important that you find one that you like. So feel free to choose a model with a nice design. For example, some hair dryers have a minimalist design, while other models have a colorful finish. Just think of accent colors such as bronze, gold or silver.

Anyway, make sure you blow dry buy what you like. This way you can also match the hair dryer with your other hair styling products. Just think about you hair straightener or curling iron. Otherwise, even the best hair dryer, no matter how good it is, inadvertently becomes the odd one out.

6. How much are you willing to pay for a hair dryer?

For many of you, price will be the deciding factor. Hair dryers come in different shapes and sizes and are also sold at different prices. A good hair dryer you can buy from 50 euros. However, do you want the best hair dryer from 2023, you will soon pay 100 euros or more. The price you pay for a hair dryer can therefore vary considerably.

Are you also a real bargain hunter? Then a discount or offer on a hair dryer is never bad. I therefore advise you to check out the current offers Coolblue to keep an eye on, especially during the sales and Black Friday. Don’t be alone temporary deals interesting for your wallet, also cashbacks or hairdryers with free accessories are a bonus. So you can sometimes buy the best hair dryer of 2023 at a very affordable price. What are you waiting for?

7. Are the reviews promising?

Finally, take a look at the reviews. This way you get a real picture of how good that specific hair dryer is. They were written by people who, just like you, were looking for a hair dryer with the best price / quality a while ago. These specific expectations or requirements are often not included in the annual independent tests by consumer organizations such as the Consumer Association and Test Aankoop. Those who use the hair dryer really tested, are the consumers who have posted their review on webshops. This way you get a good idea of ​​whether the hair dryer you have in mind is really the best hair dryer for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a specific question about hair dryers? You may find the answer to your question below:

Any questions or comments?

Are you still not sure which hair dryer is the best buy for you? Do you have other requirements, or a certain maximum budget in mind? Then ask for specific advice below. Have you chosen one of the best hair dryers from this article, and would you like to share your opinion about it? You can do that in the comments!

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