These 4 office looks are perfect for warmer weather

Now that temperatures are slowly warming up again, we also want to give our office looks a lighter update. Workwear is generally not always associated with the most breathable substances. To prevent you from sweating behind your desk, we will give you the necessary inspiration so that you can also appear comfortably and chic at the office in the summer.

Airy fabrics

Summer is a good time for a wardrobe review. Over the past year, we have seen natural materials such as linen and lyocell become more and more popular on the market. In addition to being more environmentally friendly, these materials allow for some movement. Nothing is more annoying than sticky pants and sweat stains on our clothes in the summer. Wearing airy materials is therefore also important key for warmer working days.

Heat resistant suits

We love a good power suit, but in the summer that must be realistic. So leave your blazer in the closet and swap your long trousers for tailored shorts with a matching top or a white shirt. Professional, chic yet comfortable.

Long skirt

A silky midi and a tank top is perfect for when you want to go for one casual and effortless work outfit. On days when a blazer is too warm to wear over it, opt for a white cotton shirt. A real must this summer.


A fabric that always cool is – literally and figuratively – is linen. This natural substance is ideal for in the sun, as it has a cooling effect. In addition, the linen fabric gives every outfit a classy appearance. The fabric is extremely versatile and you can go in any direction with it.

Light colors

Everyone knows that you should wear lighter colors to reflect the heat, so a good excuse to go for one monochromatic look. Whether you go for white, cream, beige or brown tones, the idea is to keep the look the same from head to toe. This doesn’t just look put together out, you can also defy the heat well.

In addition to these outfits, you are always in the right place with a long airy dress or jumpsuit. So experiment and wear clothes that you feel good in.

Source: Who What Wear | Image: NL Image / BrunoPress

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