The month of May is all about masturbation

Darlings, good news! The month of May is all about masturbation. Worldwide, in the 5th month of the year, some extra attention is paid to self love. We at LotteLust are big fans of the masturbation month, because if you ask us there is no better gift to yourself than a smashing orgasm.

Variation in masturbation

Many people with a vulva have started masturbating through a hug or kiss dry humping. By rubbing a soft surface, the clit can be stimulated, which rarely produces an orgasm, but often produces a very nice feeling. After the pillows and hugs, most people get to work with their fingers and then maybe toys come into the picture.


There seem to be an infinite number of websites that do sex toys sell and they all have a huge range. Here at LotteLust we review at least one toy every month to give you a better idea of ​​what the must-haves are in the field of toys. The month of May is all about masturbation. The perfect time to get a new one toys to purchase for yourself. For example, check this review if you enjoy clitoral stimulation the most while masturbating. Are you a fan of G-spot stimulation during your masturbation session? Then this toy is more for you.

Switch it up

By now you may have a fixed tune that allows you to reach a climax within three, two, one. Of course this is tasty, and especially nice and easy, but it really can’t hurt to try something different. By taking a different position, you can suddenly experience a much more intense orgasm.

Enjoy shamelessly

Okay, masturbating is private. It’s a moment for yourself, but that doesn’t mean it’s wrong, dirty or wrong. Masturbating is a way to take care of yourself and your body. You produce happiness hormones when you come and by playing with yourself you get to know your body better, which will ultimately lead to a more satisfying sex life. So masturbation is just really good for you, and really nothing to be ashamed of. The month of May is all about masturbation; so use that as an excuse to treat yourself!

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