The do’s and don’ts of recruiting German personnel

If you start a company in Germany, it is important to also hire German staff. It is important to bear in mind that such a procedure works differently than you are used to in the Netherlands. In the Netherlands we like to talk about our salary and the employer always negotiates to offer the salary lower than originally offered. The German will immediately pack his things, because it is a sign of insufficient respect.

What to do and what not to do in recruitment & selection?

When applying to recruit German personnel, it is good to prepare yourself in advance as an employer. Germans are much more businesslike. Where in the Netherlands we often break the ice with a joke, German employees will appreciate that less. If you don’t know each other, they prefer to keep it businesslike.

How do you recruit German personnel.
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Don’t: negotiate salary

You have found a number of potential employees via a website such as XING and invite them for an interview. As an employer, you would do well to take the conversation seriously. If you offer a salary of 2500 euros gross, it is not the intention that you try to offer 200 euros less during the application procedure. You must stick to what you advertise with. If a German employee suddenly ends up in salary negotiations, he will consider it a sign of disrespect. He will not trust you as an employer and would rather look for another employer.

Don’t: just tutoy

In the Netherlands we often get along quite amicably. During an application procedure or during the work itself, we often joke to break the ice. This should create a more cozy atmosphere. But the German employee takes the procedure seriously and will keep calling you “sir” and “you”. This also means that you do not call the applicant by his first name and start tutoring. Only when you know each other better can you make the appointment

Do: train your German employee well

Have you hired a German employee? Then you can expect that you have to invest some time to train the employee. So make sure you take the time with recruitment Germany to make your employee known within the company. The German will undoubtedly ask his colleagues a lot of questions. Chances are that the Dutch team even thinks it’s exaggerated. As a result, quite a few cultural differences can come to the fore. Therefore, make sure that you employ a German person who can train your new employee.

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