‘The Crown’: This is when season 6 will be released

At the moment, Netflix is ​​still working on the sixth season of The Crown, but it is already known when the new episodes will appear. Netflix announced that fans can expect the final season in early fall. That’s about the same time as the fifth season last year.

The end of the success series The Crown coming. It was already known that the sixth season would be the last. But now Netflix has also announced that that season will be released in the fall. In that season we see the university years of Prince William and Harry and we also see the last days of Princess Diana. Something that is already causing quite a stir in the United Kingdom.

The Crown

The Netflix series The Crown follows the full story of Queen Elizabeth. This also ensures that the different seasons sometimes do not play immediately after each other. For example, the very first season started in 1947 and the fifth started in the 90s. The new season will continue and, in addition to Diana’s death, will also show the childhood of Prince William and Harry.

Netflix shared the first images of this a few weeks ago. With a new decade in sight, Prince William (Ed McVey) starts university at St Andrew’s, determined to live as normal a life as possible while he still can. Kate Middleton (Meg Bellamy) from Berkshire is also starting college. When they first meet on campus, a new romance begins and with it a new future for them The Crown.

Release date

There is no official release date for the final season. Yet Netflix has now announced that it will appear on the streaming service in the course of the fall. After that, Netflix can undoubtedly prepare itself for tons of criticism again.

Netflix previously announced that it will not show Diana’s accident in 1997, but her moments before the accident. The moments after her death would also be discussed extensively. And there is a scene that even employees had a hard time with.

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