The 5 common reasons why relationships end

Everyone has his save flags when it comes to relationships, but there are generally a few no gos which many people agree with. We have listed the most common reasons why people end a relationship.

What are the deal breakers in a relationship?

red flags

Everyone is different in a relationship and has their own irritations. Yet there are some no gos which some people can’t handle. We’ve done some research and listed the most common reasons why relationships end.
Disclaimer: these reasons are not necessarily the case that a relationship is doomed, but in general the reasons below are not something to look through for many people.

Cheating on me

Perhaps the most common reason for breaking up with someone is cheating. Trust is broken and for many people forgiving is not an option. About 22 percent end the relationship as soon as someone does this. For many, it depends on the degree to which someone is cheating. When a partner kisses someone else, this is forgiven faster than when someone gets into bed with someone else. People agree on one thing: cheating is the no go in a relationship. Especially since trust is often damaged.

Lying about finances

Surprisingly, being dishonest about finances is one of the most common reasons people end a relationship. From a survey of The knot found that about 43 percent find it a deal breaker when someone isn’t honest about finances.

Another view of having children

In serious relationships, the conversation about children is often one that is rather heavy. If you would like to have children, but your partner does not, this can lead to disagreement and perhaps the end of a relationship. When serious thought is given to the future, this disagreement quickly turns into one reality check.

Bad communication

Communication is key in a relationship. It’s nice to be able to talk about fun and less fun things with a partner and poor communication can cause a feeling of distance. You can quickly run into this and it can cause a feeling of distrust.

Have different norms and values

Having different norms and values ​​can cause a lot of disagreement and heated discussions that go nowhere. Even if you love someone, it is more difficult to avoid this disagreement. It often happens that relationships break down and you ‘didn’t quite fit together after all’.

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These are the 5 most common reasons why relationships break up

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