‘That party is a dogmatic sect’

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The government is in little hurry to develop nuclear energy. Even before Christmas, the House of Representatives called on the government to take it seriously. There is still no proper response to this, according to the Dutch nuclear sector.

Although ‘some steps’ have been taken, a blueprint for the construction of two large power stations is still missing. Time is running out, said VVD MP Silvio Erkens.

At the end of last year, the cabinet chose Borssele as the location for two new nuclear power plants that will be built over the next 10 years. The government will not make a final choice for the location until the end of 2024 at the earliest. Climate minister Jetten (D66) is still keeping the Maasvlakte option open.

Conscious politics

It is planned that the new nuclear power plants will be commissioned around 2035. 5 billion euros has been reserved for the nuclear power plants.

The government has received a lot of criticism. Former Member of Parliament Eelco van Hoecke tweets: “That is a conscious policy of Kaag, Rob Jetten and the rest of the D66 clique!”

Dogmatic sect

“D66 trains nuclear energy and especially wants windmills. That party is a dogmatic sect that is holding the Netherlands hostage and impoverishing it,” says Member of Parliament Derk Jan Eppink (JA21).

He is supported by veterinarian Edwin Visser. Hostage sect. Nice description. It’s a pity that the largest party goes along with that. The only target was Mark’s record. The rest given away.”

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