Thanks to the ‘hair theory’ you will find the perfect hairstyle for your face shape

You’ve probably noticed that when your hair doesn’t look right, you also feel like you don’t look good. That may be true, because your hair does a lot to your face. It is therefore important that you have the right hairstyle and that it suits your face shape, and you will find out through the hair theory!

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Help: Which hairstyle suits me best?

Once in a while we all have the same problem: what do we do with our hair this time? Are we going to cut it all off, just the ends or are you going for a crazy style? And what hairstyle are you doing today? And which tomorrow? And which day after tomorrow?

Every day is a big struggle, mainly because our hair does so much when it comes to our appearance. You can walk around looking like some monstrosity, but if your hair is right, you still look good. So they came up with the following: the hair theory.

The hair theory

What do they mean by the hair theory, or the hair theory? The hair theory is a new trend on TikTok, in which you can see how different hairstyles can change your appearance. Put all types of hairstyles next to each other (as on the TikTok below) and you will immediately see which hairstyle you should never do again and which you should.

The theory is not based on any science, but would prove that there are certain hairstyles that enhance your beauty and enhance your look. That is of course different for everyone. There are indeed hairstyles that will make someone look better than others, no hairdresser will contradict you on that. But everyone finds something different ‘beautiful’ and in the end not everyone will agree with you.

Still, the hair theory is useful for anyone who is tired of looking the same every day. The videos can provide inspiration to experiment and test which style suits you best.

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