Tessa Boomkamp about the Humble Heroes Award: ‘It has given me recognition and appreciation for the work I do’

What are your wishes for this year?

“Right now I’m incredibly happy and I couldn’t wish for anything better. I am very happy that my life is going the way it is now; i enjoy the little things. For example, I am glad that my dog ​​is still alive, because he is sixteen and is deteriorating every day. It’s nice that he was still there this year. I’ve been married to my wife Kris for almost fifteen years and it’s still going great! We met at the female band Girls Wanna Have Fun with Monique Klemann, Suzanne Klemann and Frédérique Spigt. We were quite young then. Kris was asked to play guitar there and I to play drums. We seemed like real chicks next to those seasoned rock ‘n’ roll women. That’s why we were attracted to each other and we fell in love. At that time I was still married to my childhood sweetheart Rolf. I remember the misery of that divorce like it was yesterday, but I’m glad we worked it out together. The one thing we constantly fight for is time to be together. Kris gets up at a quarter past six and sometimes I’m just in bed. My wish for the future is therefore to get more time for each other. I secretly hope that I can continue to do the same work, but a little less. Then I can make more memories with Kris.’

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