Tara lost her arms and legs to the flesh-eating bacteria: “That I’m still alive is the most important thing for me”

Difficult to look in the mirror…

“Seeing my children grow up with my husband is my greatest gift. Even though I no longer have arms and legs, I’m in a wheelchair and I can’t do everything the way I used to, I can still take care of my family. That’s all that matters. I enjoy every moment. When they come back from school or when we go out together. I have accepted that I am in a wheelchair and will never be able to walk again, but that my freedom has been taken away I hate. Getting into the car to go on a spontaneous trip together or alone is impossible. You always depend on someone.

I prefer to avoid mirrors and photos. I can live with the situation, but I can’t accept it yet. Facing the confrontation and seeing myself is the hardest thing for me. I really appreciate everything around me, but sometimes it’s hard and I have to cry. I always put on a happy song and after ten minutes it’s over again.’

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