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SUP boarding is a sport that keeps you physically fit and relaxes your mind. While you paddle you enjoy the tranquility of the rippling water and the nature around you. SUP boarding is possible on rivers and sea water, so there is bound to be a place near you where you can do this.

And there are different types of SUP boards with which you can practice a number of sports. We discuss the most common ones here, because you can do more with a SUP board than you might think!

Get out of the city and onto the water

What all SUP boards have in common is that you go out on the water to practice your sport. Whether it’s yoga, touring or a competitive race, you can forget about everyday life for a while. Everything looks different from the water.

So different SUP boards are also sold for different sports. If you choose a sport that appeals to you, you use your SUP board to become healthier and fitter. Choose an inflatable SUP and you can easily take it with you to the place where you want to go on the water.

Different types of SUP boards

When you think of a SUP board, you probably have a touring SUP in mind, on which you stand and paddle. This is also the sport from which the SUP board gets its name, because SUP stands for Stand Up Paddling.

Nowadays, much more is possible than that. Go to for help choosing the best SUP board for your favorite sport. Here we discuss the different types of SUP boards out there.

All-round SUP boards

An all-round SUP board is ideal for the recreational athlete. You use them for all kinds of SUP sports, such as yoga, making trips and supping at sea. This is a smart choice if you don’t want to use your SUP board for 1 sport.

Touring SUP board

Would you like to go on the water with your SUP board to make long trips? Then a touring SUP is a smart choice for you. It has a pointed nose, is stable and streamlined. You go quickly and effortlessly through the water. It is less suitable for use at sea.

A yoga, fitness or meditation SUP board

You can also meditate, do fitness and yoga on the water. These SUP boards are wider and more stable, so you won’t fall off quickly. They are also a bit higher on the water and they have anti-slip mats for a good grip. Find a nice spot, do your exercises and you will return fully rested.

A racing SUP board

If you are going to participate in SUP board races, you need an extra fast SUP. All kinds of competitions are organized for which you can register. These boards are fast, pointed and lightweight. You shoot it across the water.

Other types of SUP boards

These are just 4 types of SUP boards with which you can lead a healthy and sporty life. Other options you have are wave SUP boards for the sea, a multifunctional kayak & SUP board, a foil SUP board, SUP boards for fishing and SUP bikes.

In the Netherlands we have enough beautiful waters to apply your SUP sport. Invest in a SUP board for a fit body and a relaxed mind.

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