Sports results: men’s ZV de Zaan in 2nd place

It was a great sports weekend. A summer sun shone on the Zaan sports fields, a big party was celebrated at the new club KVZ ’23 and the ladies of ZV de Zaan became champions of the Netherlands.

Unfortunately, the men fell just short and finished in second place. In addition, there was still plenty to experience.

Here are the sports results of May 12, 13 and 14.

Friday May 12

Water polo

The weekend of the big decisions started in Gouda with a setback for the gentlemen of the Zaan. The ladies already took a lead on the national title.

Men’s Playoffs GZC Donk – ZV de Zaan 8-3
Women’s Playoffs GZC Donk – ZV de Zaan 10-16

Saturday May 13


A first win of the season for Odiz Frogs. Coach Eric Stans reports the following to us:

‘We played very well against Hoofddorp pioneers. Offensively, too many runners were left behind, so only 5 runs were scored with 15 basehits. Pitchers Arend Göbel and Randy v/d Aa had little trouble with the weak hitting team of pioneers.’

Contest Rash
4th class B men Hoofddorp pioneers 3 – Odiz Frogs 2-5
Pep talk for Odiz Frogs before the game. (Photo: Odiz Frogs)


It was such a special afternoon at sports park Hoornseveld. ZKV and ZKC ’31 played against each other once more and will now continue together as KVZ ’23. There was a large audience, a lovely sun, a tombola and the honor of the last victory went to ZKV. The Hurricane reported.

Furthermore, all clubs came into action again on the field and it was noticeable that almost all Zaanse clubs won.

Contest Rash
Major class A Green Yellow – AW/DTV 17-11
1st Class B Top KZ 8-18
1st class C ZKV – ZKC ’31 17-12
2nd class E VZOD – Furore 13-15
2nd class f Roda–ODO 11-13
3rd Class G OKV–DSO 16-8
4th Class D Zaandam South – Fulmars 11-10

Water polo

Party in swimming pool De Slag. The ladies of ZV de Zaan crowned themselves the best in the Netherlands. And convincing too.
Read our report.

The gentlemen could continue to hope on the title because they are 1-1 against Donk.

Contest Rash
Men’s Playoffs ZV de Zaan – GZC Donk 19-11
Women’s Playoffs ZV de Zaan – GZC Donk 13-9
National title ZV de Zaan ladies celebrated with a splash

Sunday May 14

Handball (Field)

Contest Rash
Men’s field HV Zaanstreek – Vido 42-26
Ladies field HV Zaanstreek – HCV ’90 24-24


We don’t know if it was underestimated, but both teams of the Crows lose their away game against a low flyer in the competition. The men are now 3rd and the ladies are 5th.

Contest Rash
3rd class gentlemen Voorhout – The Crows 5-2
4th class ladies Thor – The Crows 2-1


Cromtigers loses a visit to Nieuw-Vennep and is now in 8th place.

Contest Rash
2nd class B men Vennep flyers – Cromtigers 12-6


Zaandijk loses the last match in phase 2 of the competition in Friesland. With this, the Zaankanters finish 4th.

Contest Rash
2nd class north (H) Faenster-Zaandijk 49-7

Water polo

Unfortunately it was not to be for the gentlemen of ZV de Zaan. They finish second in the play-offs for the national title. The gold went to GZC Donk from Gouda.

Contest Rash
Men’s Playoffs GZC Donk – ZV de Zaan 11-9

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