Signify launches unique Home Monitoring system for WiZ.

Meet the first WiZ Indoor Camera with which you can see live what is happening in your home.
The WiZ Home Monitoring system combines lighting, a camera including night vision, SpaceSence motion detection technology and light alarms to detect and deter unwanted visitors.

Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Signify (Euronext: LIGHT), the world leader in lighting, is launching a unique Home Monitoring system within its existing WiZ system that seamlessly combines lighting and security to help consumers feel safe and comfortable at home. The company does this based on the insight that lighting is one of the most effective ways to discourage potential intruders. In concrete terms, Signify expands the existing smart WiZ lighting system with some new Home Monitoring functions in the app and the first WiZ Indoor camera with which you can monitor live and see what is happening in your home, even when you are not at home.

Feel safer at home

How does that work exactly? Imagine – when you leave on vacation, you turn on vacation mode in the Wiz app. If movement is detected, your WiZ lights will flash indoors and outdoors. This way your neighbors can also see that there is unwanted activity at your home. The detected motion immediately triggers a notification on your phone. You can then immediately check the real-time view of your home in the WiZ app, as well as previously recorded images in the activity overview. The WiZ Home Monitoring system combines light and motion detection in one integrated smart system to notice and deter unwanted visitors.

“We know that light plays an incredibly important role in making us feel safe in our own home, even when we’re not there. Many consumers leave a light on when they are out of the house. Building on our lighting expertise, WiZ has put together the first fully integrated smart home surveillance solution that seamlessly combines the capabilities of smart lights, SpaceSense motion detection and cameras.”

Danny Louisberg
Head of Software Product Management WiZ

Light and motion detection to deter intruders

Simply activate the security system in the WiZ app with the push of a button when you leave the house or go to sleep. You choose whether you activate it for your entire home or only in certain parts of your home. Thanks to the recently introduced SpaceSense motion detection technology, any compatible WiZ light works as a motion sensor. With the new Home Monitoring functions in the app, you can now receive a notification as soon as unexpected activities are detected in your home. You decide how the lights react when motion is detected: make them burn brighter, flash, or display vivid colors; the possibilities are endless.

Also new in the app is the function that mimics your presence. At various random times, the lights in the house automatically turn on and off to give the impression that someone is home. Even when you are not at home, WiZ lamps help to secure your home.

WiZ Indoor Camera keeps an eye on things

But there’s more than that. An important new element of the Home Monitoring system is the addition of the WiZ Indoor Camera. This allows you to monitor and see what is happening in your home at all times. You will receive a notification as soon as suspicious movements or sounds are detected, such as breaking windows or fire or smoke alarm sounds. In the WiZ app you can see what is going on via the live images, even when it is dark.

Night vision turns on automatically when light levels are low enough, using infrared to illuminate the room so you don’t miss a single detail. The talkback function, the wide viewing angle of 120 degrees, an image-based motion detection, full HD image quality and SD card slot make this camera ideal for keeping an eye on things.

Want even more features? Then WiZ also offers an optional subscription service with which you can, among other things, store the images in the Cloud for up to 30 days or manually start a recording while the WiZ camera is streaming. Are there certain areas that you would rather not see? Then you have the option to designate privacy zones in certain parts of the room.

If you do not yet have WiZ lamps in your home, you can opt for the WiZ Home Monitoring starter kit. This starter set consists of the new WiZ Indoor Camera and a set of 3 colored WiZ lights making it super easy to get started.

The award-winning SpaceSense technology in combination with the new WiZ Indoor camera makes the WiZ smart ecosystem one of the most comprehensive smart systems that now also offers complete security for your entire home.


  • WiZ Indoor Camera (available from 12-06-2023) | EUR 89.99
  • WiZ Home Monitoring Starter Kit (available from 6/23/2023) | EUR 159.99

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