Sex in the Car: 15 Tips

Sex in the car might just be one of the most adventurous things you’ll ever do. Sometimes it becomes impossible to divert your feelings and a car is the only place left. Especially if you are dealing with curfew restrictions at home and don’t have a good place. Don’t worry at all; You can also enjoy sex to a great extent in the car – provided it does not happen on the road.

For different couples, sex in the same place can get boring and it’s about time to do it in a place that is much wilder. In the end, a car is going to be the right choice, but before you get into the car there are a few pieces of advice to follow. You must dodge the police and any kind of accident at all costs.

Why sex in a car?

For several couples, the thought of sex in a car turns out to be very erotic. But they have some rather sincere reservations. Everyone wants to feel safe and enjoy privacy during sex, because stress or tension can never help to reach the desired climax.

Is a car the right place to do it? Well sure! You just need to make sure you choose a secluded spot and have everything ready. The practice of enjoying sex in a car is very old. Do you remember the car scene in the blockbuster movie Titanic? How Rose and Jack enjoyed a nice steamy period in the Renault placed in the forward cargo hold. They were deeply involved and a car was the best option at the time for living out their sexual orientation.

Several other movies show couples having car sex and making the most of it. It can easily be said that if you are horny and daring enough, you can have the best sex of your life in a car. It’s not impossible.

The 15 best tips for sex in the car


Now I am going to share 15 essential tips that will help you enjoy the best car sex.

1. Get the supplies

For the first-timers, car sex can be a bit messy. All you need is lube, extra pillow, condoms, and everything that comes with it. Keep the essentials in your car or travel bag or purse, wherever it’s safe to store and carry. A few tissues or wipes may also come in handy.

2. Watch your sweat

In the car you can come into close contact with your partner, it ends up getting extremely hot and sweaty. So make sure you have a small towel at your side to wipe off that sweat that can get in the way of passionate lovemaking.

3. Make sure you keep it legal

Do not commit a crime by engaging in any form of lewd act, which is unacceptable during the day or in a place where the general public can easily see you. Stay away from any imminent danger and don’t get caught. Proceed as carefully as possible and choose a place where it is dark and no one is around.

4. Get comfortable

We all know that a car doesn’t offer much space and it can all feel cramped, but don’t worry. You will soon understand that a small space can still make it possible to have sex. You and your partner should feel comfortable with each other.

5. Get ready

Car sex can be an instant thing, but it is advisable to discuss it with your partner before jumping into the action. Discuss how to enjoy sex in the backseat with minimal available space and what precautions to take. Have an idea about the best location for it.

6. It has to be a quickie

You can’t have sex in your car for hours on end. Keep in mind that it should be short and exciting.

7. Buy curtains

Car curtains are extremely useful as they provide a good degree of privacy when you need them. If you are not looking for good curtains, you can even buy black awnings. They can be easily installed and removed when needed.

8. Have the right clothes on

Having tight tops or bottoms can become a super hassle while getting in the mood. Because it is rather difficult and inconvenient to take off tight clothes in a car. Always wear stretchy and loose-fitting skirts, shorts, or t-shirts. Those are the best for quickies!

9. Maintain the correct temperature

You can’t afford to get too cold or too hot during car sex because that can be extremely unpleasant. So make sure that the temperature in your car is sufficient and ideal for sex. You may need to run your engine to maintain an ideal environment. Hopefully your car engine isn’t making a lot of noise.

10. Start slowly

You don’t have to get extra wild while doing it in the car. Understand that you’re short on space and it’s important to protect your head from bumping into mirrors or your knees getting bruised on the leather. A light travel blanket will make sex in the back seat of your car easier.

11. Be prepared

Always keep your car keys with you and also your cell phone, with the screen on minimum brightness and silent mode on. In addition, keep some clothes on. It is not necessary to go completely naked. Just to be careful!

12. Customize your interior

Open your windows a crack so that the glass does not fog up. In the same way, adjust the front seats or the rear seats as desired. Don’t accidentally hit the horn, as a slight disturbance can ruin the mood.

13. Choose the right position

Lack of proper space will make it difficult to perform certain positions. It’s time to get creative and choose suitable positions. Missionary is one of the most favorite positions for car sex. Other positions you can try are doggy style, 69, prone bone, cowgirl, the camel ride. Search the internet and you will know the details of the best car sex positions mentioned above.

14. Keep an eye out

So you’re having fun in your car and totally into each other, but oblivious to your surroundings. Does that sound sensible? Well no! Do whatever you want to do, but keep an eye on what’s going on outside. If there are problems, you can quickly make adjustments.

15. Don’t make too much noise

It’s understandable that it’s not your bedroom, so just keep that level of moaning pretty low. Making loud noises during sex in some public place can provoke some sort of anxiety.


Fucking in a car is a perfectly tacky and charming experience. Humans are geniuses when it comes to finding alternatives and trying new things. I hope 15 Ways to Have the Best Car Sex of Your Life will mean a lot to you. Don’t be put off, but be careful and bang in the beater.

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