Saving energy in a simple way ⋆

Every day we talk about energy saving. The government is trying to encourage people to use energy more economically, both for the business community and for private individuals. Because this can also save you money, we have listed a number of tips on how you can best save energy at the office or at home.

Responsible use of energy

The most obvious way to save energy is to turn down the heating slightly. Especially in spaces that you hardly ever use. A small difference in temperature and some extra clothing can make a big difference on an annual basis. It is important to open windows and doors daily to allow humid air to flow out of the house and to ensure good ventilation. By using a timer when showering, you become more aware of energy consumption.

Energy label

When buying new equipment, look at the energy label. When you go to bed or are away from home for longer, turn off all your devices completely instead of leaving them on standby. This applies both at home and at the office. Many people don’t know, but ice formation in the refrigerator and freezer costs extra energy. That is why it is wise to remove ice regularly. If you’re going to wash, make sure your washing machine is full and you wash at a low temperature. Is it dry outside? Do not turn on the dryer, but hang the laundry outside.

Saving energy at the office

After hours, most equipment in the office is turned off. Of course, this makes sense in most cases, so let’s discuss what else we can do to save energy in the office. As we move towards spring and summer, the outside temperature gets higher and higher. You prefer to turn on the air conditioning immediately, but only do this when it is really necessary. As an alternative, you can opt for a sunshade, a construction that blocks sunlight and heat. In warm weather you quickly want to open the windows and doors, but it is still wiser to keep them closed. Has all lighting already been replaced by LED lamps? If this hasn’t happened yet, make sure you do it as soon as possible. Whenever possible, try to use daylight as much as possible. However, you have to take into account the layout of a room. So do not place high cabinets or furniture in front of a window.

Save energy together

Small savings can add up to a significant difference. It not only gives you extra money, but you also contribute to a better world. You save energy together. Motivate each other to change behavior and thus be more aware of energy consumption. Do you want to show others that your company is sustainable and energy-saving? Leave organic printed cotton bags or opt for sustainable bags with logo and give it away to relations and colleagues. There is no more appropriate gift.

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