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The May update is now also ready for Samsung’s Galaxy S21 FE. It is the second update of this month for the device, after the first did not install the new patch yet.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE update

Galaxy S21 FE update May 2023

Not much is happening on Samsung’s software front this month. New One UI versions and/or features are already present on the Galaxy S21 FE. Nevertheless, the South Koreans manage to release no less than two updates for the phone in May. The first arrived about ten days ago with optimizations but without this month’s patch.

And since yesterday the second update is available – this time with the May patch. The more than 300 MB large package contains firmware version G990BXXS4EWE3. Nothing happens at all other than improving security with the new patch. It brings about 55 improvements to the Android system, including four critical fixes that improve the security of the software for the Qualcomm processor.

Samsung itself added just under 20 improvements for the One UI interface. In between you will find improvements for it Knoxsystem, the ThemeManager and the GearManager app.

Galaxy S21 FE Update May 2023: Changelist


You can now install the update directly on the unbranded Galaxy S21 FE across Europe. Moreover, it is also immediately available at branded models from Vodafone, but not yet on those from T-Mobile.

You will automatically receive a notification as soon as the update is available on your device. But you can also get started manually, via Settings -> Software Update -> Download and Install.

(Thanks, Bram and Ferry!)

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