Samsung Galaxy A54 gets May update with cool Image clipper function

The May update is rolling out for the Samsung Galaxy A54. This also gives the device the new one Image clipper feature that comes from the Galaxy S23.

Samsung Galaxy A54 updated

Galaxy A54 Update May 2023

When Samsung launched the Galaxy S23 series, it seemed for a long time that one feature would remain exclusive to those devices. Finally made the Image clipper feature was not part of the first One UI 5.1 update that came to many other phones. Surprise followed when a separate update turned out to bring the function to the Galaxy S and Z series. And Samsung was even more surprised when the Galaxy A53 and Galaxy A33 also got the feature last month.

With this latest update it immediately became clear that the Galaxy A54 is also the Image clipper function is still available. And indeed, today a major update of more than 1GB is rolling out, containing firmware version A546BXXU2AWDB. This brings roughly two major improvements.

First, of course, the May security patch is installed. It contains up to 55 improvements for the Android OS, and another 21 fixes for Samsung’s own software. Below that we see three major improvements for the security of the Exynos modem software, and for the ThemeManager, Knoxand the GearManager apps.

Image clipper

Functionally most interesting is of course that the Galaxy A54 also has the Image clipper has function. This allows you to automatically cut people or objects out of photos. You can then copy-paste them separately or save them as an image. Choose a photo in the Galleryput your finger on the person or object you want to cut out, and let the software do its job.

You can copy and paste the cropped image into another app, or share it directly. Or you save it as a file in the folder Cropped images. For example, it is the ideal function to create stickers.

Installation and availability

The new update is now immediately available on the unbranded Galaxy A54 in the Netherlands, Belgium, and the rest of Europe. Only with one brandedor from a device imported from further away, you may have to be patient.

You will automatically receive a message that you can download the new update. Or you can check the availability yourself via Settings -> Software Update -> Download and Install.

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