Russian diamonds: G7 in favor of Belgian solution

The Group of Seven (G7) – Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States – has reached an agreement in principle on a blanket ban on Russian diamonds. A ban that applies not only to raw stones, but also to the retail trade. This sanction is also defended by our country.

Why is this important?

An embargo on Russian diamonds is once again on the table, and the subject is highly sensitive in our country, where the diamond sector is vital to the city of Antwerp, which fears losing its place as a specialized market to Asian competitors.

In the news: The meeting of the G7 – the group of seven major economic powers – ended in Hiroshima on Sunday. The countries present have been preparing new economic sanctions against Russia in recent days. These will mainly be aimed at tightening up the existing measures, so that they are less easy to circumvent. But for the first time, the G7 has spoken very explicitly about an embargo on Russian diamonds.

Rhetoric and tracing

“For the income

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