Rudi Cossey mentions the striking reason why things went wrong at Club Brugge this season

It was a season with many faces for Club Brugge. In the end it is the disappointment that dominates by missing the national title.

Club Brugge’s season had its ups and downs. The campaign in the Champions League was historic with the first ever qualification for the round of 16. In the competition things went seriously wrong and there was even a change of trainer twice.

“Everyone expected Club to win the title again, but it soon became clear that it would not succeed,” says Rudi Cossey to the Krant van West-Vlaanderen. “If you start firing trainers after such a good European campaign and firing their replacements again, you know it’s not right.”

Then words quickly fall like the end of a cycle, but for Cossey it is clear where the core of the problem was this season. “New players had to be fitted in, the competition in the group had increased and that has raised doubts among a number of players. You can have fifteen, sixteen players fighting for those eleven places, but if there are more, you have too many disappointed.”

The fact that Blauw-zwart has two full-fledged teams played to their disadvantage this year. “If everyone thinks they should always play, of course you need someone who is above that, takes matters into their own hands and also makes it very clear to the players why he makes those choices. So that it is acceptable to everyone. They don’t have that and that’s the big problem.”

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