Rijnstate patient care awarded with two international prizes

Editorial Medicalfacts/ Janine Budding May 15, 2023 – 11:47 PM

During the annual Value-Based Health Care Prize event, Rijnstate’s Value-Based Care approach won two prizes: the Community Award and the Collaboration Excellence Award. These awards, presented by the VBHC Center Europe, recognize and reward initiatives that deliver innovative and value-driven care. Rijnstate is proud of this recognition and the accompanying prize.

Rijnstate was chosen as the winner of these two prizes from the 14 initiatives that had a chance to win the VBHC Prize 2023. The nominees were previously carefully selected by an international jury. During the VBHC event that took place on May 10, Alexandra Fahrenkrog (Program Manager Value-Based Care) and Daniëlle Sikking (Adviser Value-Based Care) received the prize on behalf of Rijnstate for Rijnstate’s approach to value-based care.

“This prize feels like a nice recognition for Rijnstate, for teams that deliver maximum value for the patient every day, but especially for the patient. It is ultimately to provide the best care for the patient that we all do it for,” says Alexandra. Daniëlle adds: “It is a huge encouragement that our way of working is seen as a good example nationally and internationally.”

The best care for the patient

In value-driven care, Rijnstate uses patient outcomes and experiences to continuously improve care. The value for the patient is paramount, at an acceptable cost. It is also about the best care for the patient. Care that really helps and generates more ‘value’. Rijnstate has set up its organization around care chains in a completely different way, so that different specialisms and patients work even more closely together on care related to a condition. Rijnstate has already set up 28 care chains for various disorders, for example for breast cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, IBD and prostate cancer.

More information about our value-based healthcare initiative can be found here: Rijnstate VBHC integrated organizational scale-up approach – VBHC Prize 2023 (vbhcprize.com).

About Rijnstate

Rijnstate is a top clinical teaching hospital with approximately 6,500 employees and locations in Arnhem, Zevenaar, Velp and Arnhem South. In addition to basic care for patients from the region, Rijnstate offers top clinical care at a number of centers of expertise. Regional and national hospitals refer patients to Rijnstate for this care.

Rijnstate wants to lead the way. That is why the hospital is constantly working on ways to make noticeable improvements. To realize innovations that are tangible, Rijnstate uses science that matters. And a lot of research is being done into the causes of diseases and into better treatments. In addition, the hospital works closely with patients and other healthcare providers, both inside and outside the hospital, to improve care. For example, Rijnstate is committed to appropriate care and prevention. This makes healthcare increasingly pleasant, flexible and effective on all fronts – on a very human level.

Source: Rijnstate

Editorial Medicalfacts/ Janine Budding

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