RHC (H1) reaches Silver Cup final

The hockey players of RHC reached the final in the Silver Cup in front of an audience of 600 on Friday evening. At home, the Amsterdam Fit was many sizes too small and the Rijswijkers won 8-1.

Rijswijk took an unbridgeable 4-1 lead before the break. Sander Gunst, Thomas de Haan, Robert van der Elst (penalty ball) and Joost Nieuwenhuizen (from a penalty corner) were accurate. Even after tea, the Rijswijkers continued to walk over the disappointing capitals. Robert van der Elst, Thomas de Haan, Sander Gunst and Thijmen Hendriks made it 8-1 with an honor-saving goal from the opponent.

In the final, Rijswijk will play against Helmond, which beat Leiden’s Alecto after shootouts (regular time 1-1) in the other semi-final. The final will be played on the Saturday in the Pentecost weekend. The place of location is not yet known.

Afterwards it was a big party. Especially since singer Chicco got the young masses moving several times.

Source InRijswijk.com
Photos Ronald Mooiman

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