Rámon Verkoeijen: “The Big Green Egg is the centerpiece of my outdoor kitchen”

Like Rámon Verkoeijen, do you have a beautiful outdoor kitchen with a Big Green Egg as a shining centerpiece? Then you are without a doubt a contender to win the Big Green Egg Outdoor Kitchen Contest 2023! Read on to find out how you can participate and impress Rámon as a jury member of this contest.

If anyone loves good food, it’s radio DJ Rámon Verkoeijen. You probably know this gourmet from his culinary podcast in which he and Jan Versteegh look for the best taste in the Netherlands. But soon he will also be looking for something else… namely the most beautiful outdoor kitchen in the Netherlands!

Outdoor Kitchen Contest 2023

On social media we see beautiful and carefully composed outdoor kitchens, with the Big Green Egg as the radiant center. From real outdoor Valhallas to cozy EGG spots in the backyard, patio or balcony. Have you worked hard for weeks, or maybe even months, to create a true EGG paradise? Show us your pride outside and send Big Green Egg some nice pictures of your outdoor kitchen. If you convince the jury members, including Ramon Verkoeijen, and win the ‘Big Green Egg Outdoor Kitchen of the Year 2023’ or ‘Big Green Egg Tiny Outdoor Kitchen of the Year 2023’, you will receive very nice prizes.

Ramon Verkoeijen Big Green Egg

Ramon Verkoeijen

The role of jury member has not been assigned to Rámon for nothing. For example, he has an extensive wine collection at home, he can often be found in star restaurants and he loves to cook (outside) himself. Rámon says: “Loving good food and fine wines is often seen as something elitist. I’m sorry. I like to compare it to my other passion: music. When you go to a concert, you can easily spend tens of euros to see a certain artist. Eating out is the same for me. I do that for the experience. I think it’s magical how everything can come together in a restaurant and that everything is put into operation to let you experience certain flavors. Very inspiring.”

He likes to translate the flavors he discovers in starred restaurants into his own (outdoor) kitchen. Rámon says: “I can’t really measure up to star chefs, but I do like to see how I can recreate those kinds of dishes in my own way at home. For example, I once learned to prepare asparagus from star chef Niven Kunz. Yesterday I applied his sous-vide technique and immediately made a whole stock. This way I can enjoy asparagus all week in my outdoor kitchen; in a salad, as panna cotta or my favourite: grilled from the Big Green Egg.”

ramon verkoijen big green egg

Ramon’s outdoor kitchen

Rámon enjoys every moment in his own outdoor kitchen, it is pure relaxation for him. His outdoor kitchen has a large worktop and two Big Green Eggs as a radiant centerpiece, which he is very happy with. He explains: “I think the great thing about cooking on the Big Green Egg is that you can regulate the temperature well. That takes some practice, but when you get the hang of it, it takes all your dishes to a higher level. Temperature has so much influence on taste. It is a lot of fun to play with that and the Big Green Egg can do that very well.” It is no coincidence that he spends several days a week behind his EGG to experiment with flavors and techniques. Rámon says: “Lately I like to experiment with the residual heat of cooking. For example, I like to put citrus fruits on the grill. They caramelize so beautifully and get a delicious smoky taste. The perfect addition to a cocktail!”

As a butcher’s son, he is used to working practically and he also likes to see that reflected in an outdoor kitchen. Rámon says: “Of course the kitchen has to look nice, I like a bit of luxury, but it has to be a place to cook well. I want to see that people, like me, like to be in their outdoor kitchen. I am not looking for a showroom model, but an outdoor kitchen that is used. That you see the passion for cooking in the kitchen and get inspired.”

Outdoor kitchen Big Green Egg


Do you think you can convince Rámon and the other judges that your outdoor kitchen is the best? Then join us! Send a few beautiful photos of your outdoor kitchen to Big Green Egg no later than 4 June 2023 and let us know why your outdoor kitchen is the most beautiful. Big Green Egg Europe, together with a four-member jury – consisting of Rámon Verkoeijen, Henkjan Smits, Michèl Lambermon and winners of the 2022 edition Rosanne van Oijen and Joost van Engelen – will select a top 5 from all entries, consisting of a top 3 ‘Big Green Egg Outdoor Kitchen of the Year 2023’ and a top 2 ‘Big Green Egg Tiny Outdoor Kitchen of the Year 2023’.

What can you win?

All top 5 participants will be visited by a team from Big Green Egg Europe and will receive a gift voucher for the Big Green Egg fan shop worth € 200 and a Big Green Egg goodie bag. In addition, a professional photo shoot will take place in the outdoor kitchen, the photos of which will be shared with the relevant participant. The winners of the ‘Big Green Egg Outdoor Kitchen of the Year 2023’ and of the ‘Big Green Egg Tiny Outdoor Kitchen of the Year 2023’ will be announced on July 1, 2023 and, in addition to the title, will win an official award for the outdoor kitchen, a voucher for an official Big Green Egg workshop for 4 people at – Home to Big Green Egg – Landgoed Arcadia in Steenbergen and both outdoor kitchens are spotlight put in the magazine Fire&Food.

More information about the Big Green Egg Outdoor Kitchen contest 2023, the promotion conditions and the participation form can be found here.

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