Publisher GTA 6 announces release and revenue forecast

Suddenly there is the big news that fans have been waiting for years: publisher Take-Two has revealed when we can expect the launch of GTA 6.

Fans have been putting every rumor about GTA 6 under a magnifying glass for almost ten years now, no matter how unreliable or implausible.

Weak rumours

Twitter is chock full of self-proclaimed ones leakers, whose uncle, nephew, friend or neighbor would work at Rockstar Games, allowing him or her to share vague updates about the unannounced game. Information that in most cases seems to be completely made up.

But yes, you can only debunk all those rumors if you have the real deal for you. In recent years, we often ended rumor articles about Grand Theft Auto 6 with the text that it is better to take every update with a grain of salt until we get an update from Rockstar Games or Take-Two. The developer and publisher of the Grand Theft Auto series, respectively.

Publisher reveals timing GTA 6

Good news: we have now received that update. No, there is not suddenly a reveal trailer for GTA 6 on YouTube, but there is big news. Take-Two has a new earnings report released. Boring, tough stuff for shareholders, but one specific section is interesting for the general public. Read along:

“In Fiscal 2025, we expect to enter this new era by launching several groundbreaking titles that we believe will set new standards in our industry and enable us to generate more than $8 billion in Net Bookings and more than $1 billion in Adjusted Unrestricted Operating Cash Flow. We expect to maintain this momentum by delivering even higher levels of business results in Fiscal 2026 and beyond.”

No, nowhere is literally GTA 6 mentioned. But there’s only one game in Take-Two’s portfolio, only one title that can bring in $8 billion, and that’s the successor to GTA 5. The game now known only as GTA 6. Yes, Grand Theft Auto kicks in ‘Fiscal 2025’ Hatch. You don’t have to take that from an anonymous Twitter account. Take-Two has made it as clear as it can be without mentioning the game itself to the world.

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Better news than you think

Moreover, this is more favorable news than it seems. Take-Two is talking about fiscal year 2025. That’s closer than you might think: that period runs from April 1, 2024 to March 31, 2025. And well, if you look at how the games industry normally works, then a release for the holiday season of 2024 by far the most obvious timing. For example, GTA 5 came out in September 2013. A launch of GTA 6 in September 2024 would mean that fans would have had to wait eleven years for a successor. Long live the games industry in 2023…

Well, then you have something. At least, then Take-Two has something: everything indicates that GTA 6 will become the best-selling duck game of all time. GTA 5 was already a record-breaking game, and the industry has only grown in the last decade.

Potentially bad news

So is there bad news? Well, maybe. GTA 5 was also delayed for four months after the announcement. A phenomenon that has since become the standard in the games industry. Almost every major title is postponed one or more times. Rockstar Games has had a long time to tinker with GTA 6, but nowadays you can no longer rule out such scenarios.

Well, anyway, the speculation can kick off again: because what does a launch in fiscal year 2025 mean for the timing of the game’s announcement? There are already all kinds of theories on Twitter and Reddit. In the meantime, check out this interesting article from Forbes, in which a journalist calculates exactly for you how and why GTA 6 could become the greatest game of all time.

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Publisher GTA 6 announces release and revenue forecast

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