PSV – Heerenveen match of 40 million euros, but a loss can also cost the club 25 million euros

The match between PSV and sports club Heerenveen is the 33rd match of the 34 league matches, but actually the most important of them all.

Everyone knows why and what is at stake for the club. It is therefore expected that PSV will immediately press ahead next week when it has secured second place. Keep going in the sense of decisive action towards next season. After all, a lot is about to happen, nowadays also in and around the staff if we have to accept the statements of De Telegraaf as a whole.

Ruud van Nistelrooij acknowledged on Friday afternoon that second place is vital for PSV. If Heerenveen goes off the rails and PSV does not add three points to the total, there will be major problems towards the game in Alkmaar next Sunday. In that case, the Europa League is getting closer again. The difference between participation in the Europa League and the Champions League can quickly amount to around 25 million euros for PSV.

Second place qualifies for preliminary rounds of the Champions League, third place qualifies for preliminary rounds of the Europa League. If PSV reaches the Champions League, more than 30 million will be paid out in August. However, the amounts due to the marketing pool will be even higher. Europa League only yields three to four million, but Champions League the multiple.

If PSV end up in the Europa League through the preliminary rounds of the Champions League for the third year in a row, the club will still receive a loser’s premium of around five million euros. That is already more than with direct placement for the Europa League.

Secure second place first. “Then you will see how you can get into the Champions League. We have the experience of last year and we know what needs to be done better or differently. I expect that they will want to play football tomorrow, as they also need a result themselves,” points van Nistelrooij to Heerenveen. “It is a strong football team that can also play well defensively. But I expect that they will also want to attack tomorrow because they also need a result themselves”, said van Nistelrooij.

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