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The festival season has started! Have you already thought about hearing protection? In this article you can read tips to protect your hearing at parties, concerts and festivals.

Currently, catering, concerts and festivals are allowed to produce a maximum of 103 decibels. Did you know that this measure counts on you wearing hearing protection? Listening to 103 decibels for a longer period of time is not safe for your hearing. In recent months there has been much discussion in politics whether the maximum noise level should be lowered to 100 decibels.

Sales of hearing protection higher than last year

Hearing aid shop Schoonenberg says sales of hearing protection increased by 43.5 percent between April 2022 and March 2023. In particular, custom hearing protection with a music filter sold three times as much as the year before. Research by de Volkskrant shows that they are best in the ear. But VeilgheidNL emphasizes that regular cheap earplugs are fine if you have never used earplugs before and have a small budget. Something is better than nothing, says the foundation about earplugs.

How do you survive a festival season without hearing damage?

Prepare well for an event with loud noise with the following tips:

  • Keep the earplugs in consistently to avoid any risk of hearing damage. Moreover, you can better understand each other in a loud environment with earplugs.
  • Don’t trust your own feeling. It is difficult to determine for yourself what (too) loud noise is. It is not the case that loud noise is not harmful if you do not experience any discomfort from it.
  • Buy custom earplugs with a flat attenuation music filter. With such earplugs you can best experience the music and your ears are maximally protected. Moreover, they are the most delicious.
  • Give your ears a rest now and then, a listening break. Both during the festival and before and after.

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