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In this review we take a closer look at the Polar Vantage V2, a sports watch that has long been popular among athletes, especially triathletes. This watch has many functions, including special sports profiles for swimming, cycling, running and a triathlon mode. But how does it perform in practice? Is it worth the investment? And how does it compare to other sports watches on the market? We’ll answer these questions and more in our in-depth review of the Polar Vantage V2. We’ll also discuss pricing and availability, as well as the pros and cons of this versatile sports watch.

About the Polar Vantage V2

The Polar Vantage V2 has been a popular sports watch for quite some time now. Logical, because it is therefore a good all-round watch. The Vantage V2 is very suitable for triathletes because of the available sport profiles (swimming/cycling/running and a triathlon mode). In addition, it is waterproof up to 100 meters and the battery is suitable for an entire triathlon distance. In addition to the triathlon sport profiles on the watch, you can also track more than 130 other sports. This makes the Polar Vantage V2 an excellent, high-quality multisport watch.

Buy Polar Vantage V2: compare price and offers

This watch is a bit older (2020), but is still fully supported by Polar with updates. An additional advantage: the Polar Vantage V2 has become a lot cheaper in the past two years. The recommended price was once € 599.00, but you can already pick up this sports watch for just over 400 euros.

Why is it suitable as a triathlon watch?

  • Swimming activity tracking
  • Cycling activity tracking
  • Running activity tracking
  • Possibility to perform the three triathlon sports consecutively within 1 profile (multisport profile)
  • Battery life up to 40 hours in GPS mode
  • Water resistance up to 100 meters, so you can swim well with it
  • Heart rate measurement, so you can train in heart rate zones
  • Link possible with Runkeeper, TraningPeaks and Strava

Conclusion: Yes. The Polar Vantage V2 is very suitable as a triathlon watch

What are the disadvantages?

The Polar Vantage V2 – in our opinion – also has some drawbacks. During our tests, we were regularly disturbed by the screen. This is difficult to read outside in some situations. Too bad if you want to quickly check the distance covered while running, but can’t see this thanks to a glare. It is known that Polar does not build ANT + into the watch, but it remains a loss.

Watch in a video

In the video below you will get to know this sports watch. You are briefly introduced to some of the watch’s functions. You can also see how the controls work. A short introduction from Polar itself:

Highlights of the Polar V2

  • An all-round multisport watch, also for triathletes
  • Excellent battery in GPS mode
  • Training Load Pro and Recovery Pro features
  • Uses GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and QZSS for location determination


  • Screen mirrors outside, which makes it difficult to read data in some situations
  • No music player
  • ANT+ is missing again

Final conclusion Polar Vantage V2 review

After taking a good look at the Polar Vantage V2, we can say that this sports watch is really top for people who do triathlons. The watch has everything you need: it can track swimming, cycling and running, and it’s also water resistant to 100 meters. The battery lasts super long, so you won’t get into trouble during a long triathlon.

But, the watch is not perfect. The screen is sometimes difficult to read when you’re outside, which can be quite annoying if you want to quickly check how far you are while running. The watch also does not have an ANT + connection, which some people miss.

But despite these flaws, the Polar Vantage V2 is a great choice if you’re looking for a triathlon watch. Especially when you look at the price, which has become a lot lower lately. It’s a reliable watch that can do a lot, and it’s definitely worth considering.

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