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The Polar H10 is a heart rate monitor in the chest strap category. You can connect the chest strap with Bluetooth or ANT+ to various devices. Think of sports watches, cycle computers, cycle trainers and telephones. You can also use the Polar H10 in combination with other brands. You don’t necessarily have to pair the H10 with a Polar product. Almost all ANT+ devices and some of the Bluetooth devices are suitable. The chest strap provides an accurate heart rate measurement, even under water. An advantage is that the chest strap also has its own memory. Have you not connected a device? Then the activity will still be saved on the chest strap until you sync it with another device or the Polar Flow app.

Highlights in a row

  • One of the best chest straps you can buy
  • Accurate measurement
  • Available in two sizes (M – XXL & XS – S)
  • Connection with both ANT+ and Bluetooth possible
  • Best buy for triathletes in 2022
  • Feels comfortable

Buy Polar H10

There are two sizes and several colors of this chest strap available. The sizes take into account the recommended chest circumference. Below you can view the recommended breast size per size, the best prices, offers and deals.


This Polar H10 heart rate sensor is the most sold and is recommended for a chest size of 65 – 93 cm


This Polar H10 heart rate sensor is suitable for a chest size of 51 – 66 cm.

Measure chest size? Look at here a Dutch explanation from Wikihow.

Watch in a video

In the video below from Polar’s youtube channel you will get acquainted with the chest strap. You can clearly see what the strap can do, how you wear and attach it and how the H10 works in combination with Polar Flow.

Battery of the H10 replaceable

The Polar H10 chest strap has a built-in CR2025 button cell battery that you can change yourself when it is empty. These are not very expensive batteries, like you here can see. Replacing the battery is quite easy. In the video below you can see how you can easily do this yourself:

Good to know: After replacing the battery, you must pair the heart rate belt with your devices again.

View the chest strap in pictures


A top favorite in our editorial office for years. Accurate measurement, underwater heart rate, reliable, good quality heart rate sensor. We are currently using the Polar H10 together with the Garmin 745 and a Wahoo cycling computer, without any problems!

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