Planning a cycling holiday with 9 useful tips

It has been haunting my head for years, planning a cycling holiday in the Netherlands. Now I’m not a true cyclist in the sense that I cycle kilometers every day on a normal bicycle, but it still appeals to me. I’ve already suggested the idea, but there hasn’t been any enthusiastic response here in the house yet. Sir wants to rent a camper first.

That’s why I picked up the idea to plan a cycling holiday as a surprise. Just for a few days, just with hubby for example. If the children take care of the animals here, then that should be possible.

Planning a cycling holiday, what should you consider?

And as I always do with these kinds of things, I immediately turn it into a blog. That way you also have something to do with it.

1. Do you take the regular or electric bicycle for a cycling holiday?

First of all, it is important for us (and for you too) to assess whether you want to plan a cycling holiday for the regular bicycle or for the electric bicycle. Based on this you can complete the planning of your cycling holiday, otherwise you will not succeed.

After all, there are essential differences between traveling through the Netherlands with a normal bicycle and with an electric bicycle. In terms of kilometers to be covered, but also in terms of maintenance of your bike, in terms of possibilities to stop / spend the night (think of charging the battery) and so on.

My brother is also going on a cycling holiday this year, and they still go on their normal bicycles. Well, my sister-in-law cycles more than 200 kilometers every week, but my brother doesn’t actually cycle that much. They are therefore ‘cycling in’.

2. Prepare by getting miles in your legs

What my brother and sister-in-law do is not that crazy. This is especially important if you have a new bicycle, for example. But in any case, it is smart to start cycling more regularly weeks in advance. For example, train your leg muscles so that you do not have too much muscle pain during your cycling holiday.

3. Planning a cycling holiday with overnight stays or not?

It is also important to consider whether you want to plan all your overnight stays in advance for your cycling holiday.

The advantage is of course that you are assured of a place to sleep. Especially with a cycling holiday that you plan in the high season, it can sometimes become difficult.

However, planning your overnight stays also has a downside. You are no longer as free as you might want to be with a cycling holiday.

So you cannot just deviate from your route, because then the place of overnight stay will no longer be convenient. And if you have a difficult day with your legs (or your buttocks), for example, it can be annoying if you still have to cycle that end.

So if you want complete freedom during your cycling holiday, the advice is not to plan overnight stays, but to see what you are doing from day to day.

4. What do you take with you on your cycling holiday?

Another choice you have to make. What do you take with you, and how much do you take with you? You are simply more limited when it comes to your luggage.

For example, if you choose to take a nice pop-up tent with you, it will of course take up more space than staying in hotels.

In any case, what you should not forget is you bicycle repair kit and you bicycle pump for on the road. And fine cycling clothing for example. Also check in advance at a good bicycle shop, such as Bike24, what they have for a cycling holiday so that you can ultimately plan what to take with you and what to leave at home.

5. Consider which routes you will cycle to plan for your cycling holiday

This tip also depends a bit on how you want to approach and experience the cycling holiday. Would you like to be well prepared? Then it is smart to find out which routes you want to plan. Are you more the adventurer? Then you don’t plan anything, but you use an app or just Google every now and then, for example.

Since the Netherlands is a real cycling country, there are more than enough cycling routes in every gvela that you can plan to do during your cycling holiday.

For example, you have node routes, LF routes and nature camping routes. The node routes are those white signs with bicycle on them and green directions that you undoubtedly know and often use to cycle a bicycle route on Sunday, for example.

The LF routes (also known as Long Distance Cycling Routes) are much longer and ideally suited for planning a cycling holiday. Think of routes between 400 and 600 kilometers.

Would you like to do your cycling holiday with a tent? Then the camping routes might be something for you. At the camping spots along this route you will always have a place to set up your tent until 7 pm in the evening! Or you just spend the night at a nice campsite, that is of course also possible.

6. How many kilometers per day?

Think in advance about how many kilometers you will cycle per day. When planning this, take into account those who have the least cycling experience, are the smallest or, for example, the youngest. This way you ensure that the cycling holiday is a pleasant experience for everyone.

7. Only take essential items with you

I mentioned above that you should not forget to bring the repair kit, for example. But of course you also have to take your normal luggage with you. Think of your clothes, underwear, telephone, charger, but also your wallet, any medicines or painkillers, first-aid kit with plasters and your passport, for example.

All this together must therefore be as light as possible if you want to continue cycling comfortably. Because even though you can plan your cycling holiday reasonably well, if you stow 20 kilos of luggage on your bike, it is extremely hard to pedal!

7. Food and drink on the go

When planning your cycling holiday, it is important that you are aware that you always have something to eat and drink with you. A bottle of water, for example, but also some sandwiches, or a bar for the road.

Do you get a hunger pang while cycling and you don’t have anything with you? Then it will be a lot of suffering during the cycling day.

8. Planning a cycling holiday in combination with public transport

Do you already know in advance that you want to see places during your cycling holiday that are not easily accessible by bicycle, or that are simply too far away? Find out in advance which public transport you can plan to cover those parts of your cycling holiday.

This way you can be sure that you will not be faced with any surprises.

9. Check your bike before you go on holiday

You should definitely not forget this tip. Check your bike from top to bottom yourself, or have it checked at the local bike shop.

Your cycling holiday will only be a pleasant experience with a bicycle that is in perfect order, planning cannot compete with that.

In summary

With the above tips you should go a long way to plan and experience a nice cycling holiday. I think I’m going to work out the plan a bit more for ourselves (with terraces in between and good food, for example. I think I’ll succeed in persuading Frank.

Can he do the bike check by then!

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