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Valbone- Guesthouse DrinosLast week we were still in Albania, until Friday. After that we were home for a weekend to recover from all the commotion. Fee could see a Dutch doctor and I had time to do all the laundry. The cleaning lady also came, so that the house was spick and span again without too much trouble.

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It had been a rough night in Albania. Fee was still really in shock from the stitches without anesthesia and kept having reliving experiences. She also had pain, but she refused paracetamol. The only thing that seemed to help was distracting with YouTube videos. By 4 o’clock she finally fell asleep and we could all grab another hour or 4. After breakfast we drove around in the car and stopped here and there for some pictures. The Albanian Alps are really beautiful. Around 1.30 pm we were back in Bajram Curri at the hospital to have the bandage replaced. Fee was quite panicked, but the doctor was very kind to her. She even went to pick a rose for Fee. The wound care was a bit annoying, but she was very brave and luckily it looked good.

Room Guesthouse Drinos Valbone

Small ride

Then we had a long drive ahead of us. We left the remote North and went a bit more towards the middle of Albania, on the border side with Macedonia. A 5 hour drive that we had chopped in 2s. We made a stop in Kukës. Then we drove on, but the roads were pretty bad and all through the mountains, so Fee got sick again. Finally I took her on my lap so she could see outside. That made a difference. We didn’t arrive at the hotel until around 9:30 PM, where we could still eat. A good Italian cook, so that was great!

Hotel Braxton Bulqize room


Luckily we slept well last night. Fairy too. In the morning we took it easy. We had a leisurely breakfast. Then we drove to Peshkopi. I really like this city. Zero tourists and real Albanian life. Those old men who speak to you without speaking a single word of English. Who give you flowers and put hazelnuts in your pocket. Or get really mad at you for taking a picture of their shop. We have seen the slipper parade: the old men stroll along the promenade. This has a social function, if someone is not there they go home to see if help is needed. They keep this tradition alive. There are also thermal pools. Many in the hotels, but there is one natural pool. We found this one and of course I sat down in it. Cozy with a few Albanians. Lenthe didn’t dare go in with these people, Maik didn’t go in because he couldn’t stand the sulfur air. Fee couldn’t and Sterre and Yuren didn’t want to. Then we had lunch in the town and then we drove through the mountains to Burrel. Which was a bit disappointing as a town, but where I had a nice conversation with Albanian children (who spoke English and wanted to take a picture with me because of my blue eyes) and we ate at a nice Italian restaurant. Where we slept is also a great place.

natural pool peshkopi


We woke up with sun, but it soon disappeared, so we had to have breakfast inside anyway. Again the breakfast was Albanian and we all had this morning that we thought: not again…. Tomato, cucumber, feta, egg, toast and jam. This time also with a glass of warm milk (which nobody likes here). We also really don’t understand that they don’t ask in advance what you want for breakfast. Now most of it goes in the trash. After breakfast we drove to Burrel, where we had to go to the hospital with Fee. The wound was checked (looked good luckily) and she got a new bandage. Fee was quite panicked herself. The doctor was very sweet and this time she calmed down much faster. After this it was time to start the drive to Lake Ohrid. The annoying thing is that we had to drive all the way around in order not to end up on one of the most dangerous roads in Europe. So we had to pass Tirana. There we chose a very good restaurant to eat, just “normal” food and especially not Albanian 🙂 Around 4 o’clock we drove to Lin, near the lake and there we walked around for a while. A very small and poor town. But it is beautiful on the lake. And the B&B House 1960 is fun. We ate in nearby Prrenjas at Restaurant Botanika. Real Albanian weather, so I stuck to a salad and cheese croquettes and the kids pasta and chips.

Lin (near Lake Ohrid)- House 1960


Unfortunately, we had not slept well, Maik and I. Fee was turning between us and it was also light early through the translucent curtains. We still had a whole morning and a part of the afternoon, which we filled with visiting Lin and visiting Pogradec. These towns are located on Lake Ohrid and are very nice and authentic. In good weather we could have swim in the lake, but unfortunately it was cloudy. Perhaps for the best, because Fee couldn’t swim now and that would have been a pity. Around 2 o’clock we drove to the airport in Tirana to return the car. Everything went on smoothly. We had no delays and no hassle, we got priority in some places as Fee had to be carried and we finally got home around 11pm. Everyone take a nice shower and get into their own bed!

the plane back from albania


After a good night’s sleep, the alarm went off early. Maik had to go back to work and I and Fee went to the doctor for her foot. The dressing had to be changed again and the wound had to be assessed. It all looked very good and according to the doctor, the risk of infection has passed. Back again on Monday, maybe even the stitches can be removed, otherwise Wednesday. Then I went shopping, because we had nothing in the house for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Fortunately, our AH was well supplied and I could get everything. In the afternoon I went into the garden with my macro lens and took these pictures. Have uploaded a few more Work on the Wallso you can buy them printed for the wall 🙂

macro sunflower

macro clematis


Up early, because it was time for the pool. After 60 laps I thought it was nice and went home for breakfast. The weather was pretty nice this day, so I decided to repot the plants and take cuttings together with Fee. She can’t do much with that foot, so she gets bored quickly. So she had something to do. It was a lot of work, because I have quite a few plants, but we managed to finish it anyway. We also visited grandpa and grandma. Grandpa had an operation on his knee and Maik went to hang the new blinds there. Fee went along, so she had some distraction again. That’s how we got through the day. The food was a snack, cozy in the garden, because the weather was still pretty nice. In the evening, of course, Max’s qualification was watched, but I fell asleep pretty quickly.

drinks board May 2023


We slept in and then I went running again. That didn’t fall anymore after I hadn’t worked out for about 10 days! Still I managed to make it 5 km. The hot, muggy weather didn’t help either. After lunch I went to see Niky, it was her birthday. It wasn’t busy, only her parents were there, but that was quite nice, because I hadn’t seen them in a long time. In the evening Sterre had to work and after dinner we went for a drink Setup do, a new game we have. It’s kind of like rummicub, but different.

blossom delftsetup game

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