Peter Gillis shows results of losing 27 kilos! Follower skeptical

Massa is Kassa star Peter Gillis has been working on losing weight for a while, he always showed that on his social media channels. Now he shares a new update on the amount of kilos and it is impressive.

Peter Gillis lose weight

Peter appears to have lost quite a few kilos. 27 as many as. He proudly shows a photo, showing the result of the weight loss on his body. Peter reports “Hatse flats! By following a strict diet and exercising more, the kilos will fly off again! I have already lost 27 kg so far. That makes me fox wild!”

Shows body

Peter of course receives many compliments, but there is also doubt among some followers. A follower wants to see proof on the scale: “Great. I want to see the scale. Trust is good checking is better,”

Below the images:

Peter recently informed Shownieuws that he and Nicol parted ways as buddies, but that has since been diluted. “Everyone goes their own way,” he said. “Nicol goes her own way and that’s fine. She is 33 years old, she must know what she is doing. And I also go my own way, so no, I am not speaking to her at the moment.”

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