Perez: ‘Simons’ whining face all the time is quite tiring to watch’

Kenneth Perez can enjoy Xavi Simons, but is also disturbed by ‘the whining face’ that the PSV creative often puts on.

PSV finally managed to get a point out of the fire against sc Heerenveen on Sunday afternoon. The team of trainer Ruud van Nistelrooij still faced a 1-3 deficit in the final phase. Thanks to late goals from Luuk de Jong and Simons, the game ended in 3-3. “That has been PSV’s strength this season,” says Perez at ESPN’s Dit was het Weekend. “Despite the mediocre game, they still fight back in matches on mentality.”

Perez highlights Simons as an example. “It is very often Xavi Simons who is incredibly hungry and just wants. That also comes with that whining face all the time, which is kind of exhausting to watch. You do not have to appoint yourself every time with every arbitral decision.” The attacking midfielder did play an important role in the 3-3. He earned a penalty kick by chasing Jeffrey Bruma.

The PSV player tapped the ball away from the feet of the defender and was then tapped. Simons then hit himself from eleven meters. “He wins a penalty kick by persevering, being quicker on his feet and wanting the ball at all costs,” said Perez. Kees Luijckx agrees with his fellow analyst. “I also find that whining face very annoying to see, but he is such an emotional player. Then I think: everyone falls over it, as a young boy you have to pay attention to that. Learn from this.”

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