Otten & Ligtermoed take the double during the S4 Supermoto Cup

Last weekend the Junior Track was once again the setting for the S4 Supermoto Cup, the 450 senior class really looks to be gaining momentum this year given that all available grids were already taken well before the entry closes.

The day started immediately for the 26 participants with a qualification under perfect conditions. After 15 minutes we saw the veteran Jos Koelewijn claim provisional pole with a 50.3, followed at a respectable distance by 14 year old Owen van Trigt and former WC SS300 rider Dion Otten.

Qualifying 2 would go a little faster, Jos Koelewijn managed to improve his time a bit, while Otten and Van Trigt managed to make a big step. Pole for Otten (50.1) Koelewijn on 2 (50.2) and Van Trigt on 3 (50.3). Callisto Costantin, Luca de Vries, Jayant Chote, Daniël Lukkens and Julian Spaans filled the top 8. Lars Baron was the fastest 250cc on P12 with a nice 53.0.

Racing 1
The holeshot for Otten that Owen got on his wheel, followed by Koelewijn. The three were clearly a size too big for the pursuers. Van Trigt had to accept a slide in his attempt to keep up with Otten which threw him back to P6 and finished on P5. Koelewijn should have let Otten go by now and got the black and white checkered more than 4 seconds after winner Otten. Luca de Vries took a nice P3 and Lars Baron sent his 250cc between the 450 violence to a neat P8.

In Race 2, Van Trigt was fastest off the line followed by Koelewijn and Otten. Otten needs half a gap and quickly reported himself in the rear wheel of Van Trigt.
In lap 7 van Trigt took a wide line on the square, Otten only needed this invitation for a block pass once and immediately took over the lead from the 14 year old HETC driver. Koelewijn had meanwhile lost the connection due to bad luck with lapped drivers. 1. Otten 2. Van Trigt at 0.8s 3. Koelewijn. Daniël Lukkens took P4 nicely, Roy Klompmakers recovered after a technical problem in race 1 and took P5. Lars Baron scored another top 10 and P9.

S4 Supermoto Junior
The class is open to riders ages 11 and up on machines up to 85cc 2T or 150cc 4T. Due to other race events this weekend, not all riders could be at the start, to supplement the meager starting field, offered 3 guest riders a motorcycle.

Despite the fact that the number of participants remained at 6, the level was extremely high.

After qualifying it was Ligtermoed who managed to take pole with 0.024s ahead of the surprisingly fast guest driver Julian van Kalkeren, next to Julian Jahmairo Williams was allowed to take a seat on the front row. Dean Gouw, Manny van Tilburg and Luca van de Velde completed the second row.

It was Ligtermoed who took the holeshot in race 1, Van Kalkeren was a little less away and first had to deal with De Gouw, the fast 11-year-old from Rotterdam. Once on P2, Ligtermoed had already left for a small 2s. Julian did not give up and managed to clear the backlog, but unfortunately came 1 round short to launch a good attack. Williams saw a good classification go up in smoke after a small slide, Gouw took P3 ahead of Manny and Luca.

Race 2 was again the holeshot for Ligtermoed, Van Kalkeren had a good start. Immediately those 2 went into battle, Julian took the lead in lap 2. With lap times in the 51s they were a size too big for the rest in the field, in fact they wouldn’t look out of place in the 450 class.

Ligtermoed had to pull out all the stops and forced a gap in lap 11 of 12. The last lap he was able to defend his position and narrowly won the race ahead of Julian. Dean followed on a small 20s ahead of Manny and Luca. Jahmairo, who clearly has the speed, reacquainted himself with the asphalt and finished sixth. As soon as this young man manages to get the drops out, we will definitely see him in the front.

The next race is scheduled for June 17 at the kart circuit Landsard in Veldhoven. Where there is the possibility to train on June 16th.

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