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Optimal enjoyment of sun holidays

White beach and blue sea. This is how you can optimally enjoy your holiday in the sun.

Pearly white beach, clear blue water and a very sweet drink. What does a man want more? Nothing can go wrong on a holiday to the sun. Still, you can do a number of things to get even more out of your beach holiday. This is how you can optimally enjoy paradise destinations.

Be well prepared

By leaving well prepared for your holiday, you reduce the chance of setbacks or unforeseen circumstances. So make sure that you have the necessary documents such as airline tickets at hand, that your passport is still valid long enough (usually 6 months after the trip) and that you have also applied for a visa for the destination if necessary.

If you already have all these documents at hand, almost nothing can go wrong.

Other things you can check before departure is whether you need a different adapter for plugs, what the recommendations are in terms of safety and whether you need to change money.

Comfortable beachwear

If all practical matters are in order, you can proceed to packing your suitcase. Some find this a wonderful preparation for the holiday, for others it is a real challenge.

Choose comfortable beachwear, whether that is a bathing suit or bikini for you. Are you still looking for nice swimwear? Order swimwear online at Zalando and you’re good to go.

Besides a bathing suit, you want something to wear over your beachwear. Handy when you visit the bar or want to pass the buffet of your all-in. A pareo or a crocheted dress is completely in. Furthermore, slippers are very comfortable on the beach, just like sandals or ‘slip-ons’ such as espadrilles.

If you are still looking for a beach outfit that seems made for you? Discover which swimwear suits you best.

Protect your skin

Going on a sun holiday means returning with a tan. To achieve this tan in the least harmful way, it is best to bring enough sunscreen. With a factor of 50 you protect your face and your entire body during the first days in the sun. As the beach holiday progresses, you can opt for a lower factor. However, regular lubrication is the message.

Moisturizing your skin afterwards is also important, with an after-sun lotion or simply with a moisturizing cream.

Hydrate adequately

Hydrating and protecting from the outside is not enough. Drinking enough water when you spend a lot of hours in the sun can also hydrate your skin and body from the inside out. In addition, it reduces the risk of sunstroke.

A nice plus; hydrated skin keeps its tan longer.

The destination

Do you like a beach holiday but want some variety? Find out in advance whether there are places of interest at your destination that you would like to visit. You can also pin nice restaurants, shops and nature parks on the map in advance.

After all, every destination, no matter how tropical, has more than just sea and beach, even the Maldives.

Image by ❄️♡💛♡❄️ Julita ❄️♡💛♡❄️ from Pixabay

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