One of Anderlecht’s greatest icons of all time was rebuked by Eddy Merckx: “Maybe he had a point”

Eddy Merckx is a notorious Anderlecht supporter and has been for many decades. As one of the greatest stars our country has ever known, he always had access to the players. He once addressed Juan Lozano, one of the greatest of all time, in admonishment.

It was a different time and football players had to be anything but professional all the time. “Strength training? Never done it. It was also a completely different period. At Anderlecht, for example, almost everyone smoked,” says Juan Lozano in The newspapaer.

He also has a wonderful anecdote about this with Merckx. “I still remember a European move. You were still allowed to smoke at the back of the plane. One player after the other disappeared. At a certain point Eddy Merckx, who traveled as a good friend of trainer Paul Van Himst, sits next to me. Smoking? And you have a match tomorrow? And you’re barely training.”

“I say: Come on Eddy, I just train everyone right away. To which he: Have you ever vomited and ate your lungs again? No, sorry Eddy. Well, then you never trained. Maybe he had a point. I have a had a decent career with a minimum of effort I’m sure I could have made more of it But I have no regrets Do you know what I regret I’m not eighteen today with what they’re making now .”

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