On a culinary weekend in France, this is the place to be and this is what you can do

On a culinary weekend in France, this is the place to be and you can do this picnic-g86188411d_1920

On a culinary weekend in France, this is the place to be and this is what you can do

The land of wine, good weather and good food,… and coincidentally also our neighboring country. France is a wonderful holiday destination and, depending on which place you choose, not that far from Belgium. In other words, the ideal destination for a nice weekend away. Even better? Make it a culinary weekend away and discover all the goodies that France has to offer.

Visit the French wine region

France has many places where well-known wine is produced and is therefore really known for this. So don’t miss this opportunity and visit one of the famous wine regions such as Bordeaux or Bourgogne. Once you are there it is a fantastic experience to visit a wine producer so that you can see for yourself how wine is produced. Of course, a nice glass of Bordeaux or Burgundy wine cannot be missed after a visit to the region. There is also no lack of great restaurants in the beautiful wine regions of France. Do your research in advance so that you can book in time at one of the best restaurants.

Pay a visit to Paris

The city of love and haute cuisine… Paris never disappoints and has a very wide variety of restaurants. From the most luxurious Michelin star restaurants to charming bistros and cafes. Also visit the local markets such as the Marché d’Aligre or the Marché des Enfants Rouges to buy and taste local products. When you go out for a fancy meal, don’t forget to order a real French wine, such as a Sancerre or a Bordeaux wine, with your food. A French sommelier will undoubtedly be able to give you good advice on this.

Book a cooking class

Learn how to make French dishes during a cooking class. Many restaurants offer cooking classes and you can also go to some local cooking schools. A cooking class is a very nice activity, because you take the knowledge you gain home with you! This way you can surprise your friends and family with your French cooking skills afterwards. Moreover, during a cooking class you can also enjoy the dishes you prepare yourself. The ideal activity for a culinary weekend.

Participate in a tasting

Taste the local wines and cheese during a wine tasting. Many wineries offer tours and tastings. Moreover, there are also various tours that you can book in advance that also visit local fresh markets and stop at culinary hotspots. That way you don’t have to look up too much yourself, but you have passed all the culinary toppers!

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