Newsreader doesn’t realize the camera is still running and then does THIS: “Uncomfortable, but not her fault!” (video)

BBC newsreader Lukwesa Burak made a small blunder this morning. She thought the camera wasn’t filming her anymore, but it was…

Lukwesa Burak presented the BBC news on Thursday morning. When the last bulletin aired, she stretched ostentatiously, assuming viewers were seeing the report. Not so. Due to a technical defect, the image switched back to the studio after one second. When the 49-year-old news anchor realized this, she looked awkwardly away from the camera, her cheeks flushed with shame.


Something like this can happen to anyone, of course, and the surprised viewers think so too. “When you think your video call is over, but it’s not…”, “We’ve all been there”, “So relatable”, “Awkward moment, but it’s not her fault. She handled it very professionally,” and “That’s me, every night,” one commented on Twitter.

This article first appeared on Metro: debt video

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