“My father asked me five million euros last time”

Memphis Depay has often spoken candidly about the bad relationship with his father. For example, the footballer did not want to bear his last name and he has previously indicated that he has hardly any contact with his father. Now Depay has again announced via social media that although he could not count on his father, his father did ask him for money. Huge amounts too.

Memphis Depay about father

Memphis Depay shared a video of an interview with rapper Logic. In the fragment, the rapper says that he has hardly any contact with his father and has never really been able to rely on him, but that his father did have the guts to ask him for a million dollars. Depay clearly recognized himself in Logic’s experience.

‘Five million’

For example, Memphis wrote on the Instagram Story: “A million is still light, the last time I spoke to my father, he asked me for five million euros, lol.” He closed it with an emoji holding his hand in front of his face.

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Watch the video below, and the screenshot that Depay shared and an excerpt from the interview with Logic.

memphis depay

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Source, image: Instagram, BSR

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