Moving and installing heating: read these tips

Finally the time has come, you have found a house. After a search of many months at all kinds of real estate agents, you came across your dream house. After a few rounds of negotiations and conversations with the bank, you were the lucky one and allowed to move into the house. Of course, a few things still had to be done to furnish your new accommodation to your taste. You also saw that the boiler was on its last legs. Soon that thing will do its last service. What now? In this article we give a number of tips.

Have your heating installed by an authorized specialist

You had already indicated this during the negotiations with the old residents. Fortunately, something could be reduced from the price so that you now have extra money left over to have the central heating boiler replaced. Indeed, replace it. Unless you are a heating engineer yourself, you should always outsource this extensive heating installation job to a specialist. Quite a lot can go wrong when you start messing with gas and electricity. Of course you want to make sure that you live safely in your new home, without having to worry about carbon monoxide or other breathtaking inconveniences.

Tips to extend the life of your old boiler

Until then, you can extend the life of your old boiler with some handy tips. Please note, first seek advice from a professional. If this person says that you had better replace the boiler right away because the installation does not guarantee sufficient safety, then listen. But to keep the old boiler working optimally, there are a few steps you should take to keep the installation in good condition:

  • Have thorough maintenance carried out by a specialist at least once a year. Preventive action with regard to early problems that could otherwise become more serious. Parts that are subject to wear and tear will then also be replaced in time. The boiler continues to work efficiently after maintenance and this saves you energy, and therefore money.
  • Keep the ventilation openings free to keep the air supply to the boiler free. Furniture, curtains and other objects easily block the installation if you let it hang or stand carelessly near the boiler.
  • Keep the water pressure up. So between 1.5 and 2 bar is sufficient. Also bleed the radiators once in a while. If these ‘start ticking’ when you turn up the thermostat, you know it’s time for this.

Install heating and boiler

Regular maintenance is essential to improve boiler efficiency and extend its life. But at some point it is time to have the boiler replaced. Having the heating installed by a specialist is a job that can be done in a day, unless it is placed in a different place and pipes and radiators have to be installed. Make sure you are well informed so that you are nice and warm again in the winter.

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