More and more Dutch people are opting for a holiday to Italy!

Have you already booked your holiday? Do you opt for a holiday on the Italian coast, a city trip to Rome or Milan, a holiday to an Italian island or a campsite on Lake Garda? Italy is popular as a holiday destination. Not just for a relaxing holiday to recover after a period of hard work; also for active holidays. The Dutch go into the Italian mountains for a beautiful walking or cycling trip, for example. Lake Garda is certainly suitable for a combination of an active and relaxing holiday; around the lake you will find a beautiful mountain landscape, numerous cozy towns and several beaches.

Book a holiday to the Italian islands

Not only a holiday to the Italian mainland is worth considering; also take a look at the charm of the different Italian islands. Sicily is a well-known example, but are you also familiar with islands such as Pantelleria, the Aeolian Islands, the Tremiti Islands and Elba, for example? The islands each have their own charm, which makes it great fun to visit several of these islands during your holiday in Italy. Sicily is the largest of the several Italian islands in the Mediterranean Sea.

Sightseeing in Sicily

Sicily has several beautiful beaches, in addition to a large number of villages and towns. Also visit the Valley of the Temples, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Also a visit to Etna should not be on your list must sees are missing. Did you know that Mount Etna is the most active volcano in Europe? In addition, the volcano is the highest on our continent at 3,329 meters. You can climb the volcano with a tour guide. Do this in the summer; in winter the top of Etna is snowy.

Don’t wait too long to book your holiday

It is wise not to wait too long before booking your holiday to Italy or one of the other popular holiday destinations in Europe. This way you still have some choice of campsites and other accommodations. Research by the General Dutch Association of Travel Companies (ANVR) shows that the number of Dutch people who already booked a holiday in the first part of this year is historically high. In January alone, more than three million people booked holidays. If you compare this with the number of holidays booked before the pandemic in the first part of the year, that number is about thirteen percent higher. It is striking, among other things, that the majority of the holidays booked by households have a destination outside the Netherlands. Where a holiday in your own country seems to be becoming increasingly popular in recent years.

Do you already have a nice holiday planned for this summer? I’m curious!

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