Mocro Mafia actor Walid Benmbarek drives this sports car

A “boy’s dream”. This is how Walid Benmbarek, known from the hit series Mocro Maffia, described purchasing a Porsche. Another boyhood dream came true this year. Together with Nasrdin Dchar, also known from the Dutch crime series, he was on the cover of Men’s Health with an impressive physique.

Actor and entrepreneur Walid Benmbarek

Walid Benmbarek is a Dutch-Moroccan entrepreneur and actor who became known for his role in the popular Dutch television series “Mocro Maffia”, in which he plays the role of tough drug dealer Adil. But you might also know him from Penoza, Hockey fathers, Good times, bad times and Moroccan wedding.

The Amsterdam-born 43-year-old man has worked himself up from a disadvantaged situation into a successful entrepreneur. He is also director of plastering company Dibostuc, “I am an entrepreneur in heart and soul and I don’t want people to get tired of Walid because of my acting,” he recently told the AD. Remarkable, since he once studied aeronautical engineering.

Select Porsche

He decided to reward all his successful choices and hard work in June of 2021 with a Porsche. To ensure that he would not make a wrong choice, he had Proeve Select put together a Full Service package. The result? A chic Porsche Panamara in white. “Proeve Select helped me fulfill my boyhood dream, driving a Porsche. This is already the fourth pleasant experience with them and there will undoubtedly be many more to come,” said Benmbarek at the time.

“Walid’s dream was to be able to sit behind the wheel of his own Porsche and we were able to realize this dream,” says Proeve Select.⁠ “We supported Walid throughout the entire purchasing process.”

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