MMA fighter in the clinch with ex has been inspired by Achraf Hakimi

With his unique approach to martial arts, Adesanya has developed herself from an emerging fighter to a proven champion. Once he leaves the octagon, it doesn’t mean he’s done fighting, as he’s currently in a legal battle with his ex-wife.

Israel Adesanya fights for his fortune

Born in Nigeria and raised in New Zealand, 33-year-old Adesanya became fascinated with martial arts at an early age. Mixed martial arts, usually shortened to MMA, in particular. With a background in kickboxing and a fluid mix of different fighting styles, he combines grace and precision with destructive power.

He has established himself as the undisputed middleweight champion and has defended his title with flying colours. Still, he had to recognize his better in the Brazilian last year in Madison Square Guarden during his sixth title defense. Alex Pereira.

The top athlete must also defend his fortune. However, his sports qualities are of no use to him there, but he will have to cover himself well and find a suitable lawyer. Otherwise, his ex-wife will run off with his money. He is said to have around $4 million.

Achraf Hakimi as an example

During this case, he took inspiration from Paris Saint Germain top footballers Achraf Hakimi. The Moroccan is accused of rape, which led to his divorce from Hiba Abouk, 12 years his senior. The Spanish actress felt she was entitled to around €10 million, but because Hakimi’s entire fortune is in his mother’s bank account, there was nothing to get.

“Imagine having so many rights that you think you deserve everything a man has worked all his life for,” the MMA fighter writes on Instagram. “When you entered his life with nothing and tried to leave with millions. But like Achraf Hakimi, my property is protected.”

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