men often really don’t hear baby cries

New mothers often complain about their partner after the baby has just been born. Fathers sleep like a baby while mothers are always screwed when a baby starts crying. Scientists went to investigate and were able to draw a special conclusion about baby cries and fathers.

Broken nights

When you have a baby, you already know in advance that you will definitely have to sacrifice one thing: your sleep. Especially in the first months, a baby does not sleep through and you, as parents, will have to get out of bed at night to feed your baby. Although parents often make agreements about this, such as fair divisions, in practice this does not always go well. Many new mothers complain about their partners who seem to be deaf to baby cries. Incidentally, it does not stop at complaining about the nights. During the day too, fathers often seem to shut themselves off from baby cries.

Research on fathers and baby cries

Scientists of it US National Institute of Child Health decided to investigate. They looked at the brain activity of eighteen men and women while they were busy with other things. Various sounds were played with hiss and baby cries. What turned out? Men showed significantly less activity than women. And that really has nothing to do with the different types of fathers that exist.

Men can’t help it

How exactly this can be done is not yet entirely clear. What is clear is that men often don’t even do it on purpose. Although we secretly think that men sometimes also pretend! The scans showed that women are immediately attentive when crying is heard, while men are not immediately concerned with this. Well, that turns out to be really not on purpose. They simply can’t do much about it.

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