‘Manifest’: Watch the trailer of the very last episodes here

The series of success will come to an end at the beginning of next month Manifesto. The second part of the fourth and final season will be released on Netflix on June 2. To make the wait more bearable, Netflix has now shared a trailer. From this we can conclude that after all these years there is finally an answer to all questions.

Manifesto once started as a series under the wings of NBC, but was canceled there after three seasons. Fortunately, Netflix picked up the series so that one last season was made. The first part of that season appeared in November and now the second and very last part is also coming. Then the fans have to say goodbye.


The series is about a passenger plane that disappeared from the radar for five years. When the plane lands, the passengers enter a completely new reality. The world has changed enormously in five years. And in addition, everyone also assumed that all travelers had not survived the flight.

After the series was discontinued by the NBC channel last year, it moved to Netflix. When the first three seasons appeared on the streaming platform, the popularity only increased. The series became the most watched title in a large number of countries at the time, and Netflix decided Manifesto so also to give a worthy farewell with a fourth and final season.

Second part

In the first part of that season, we saw how Ben’s (Josh Dallas) daughter is still missing while he is also still trying to cope with the death of his wife. Not much is known about the second part, but in the trailer we can already see how everything seems to come to an exciting conclusion. “We boarded the 828 not knowing what a terrible journey awaited us. Now it’s finally over”, we hear Ben say. “Seek out your loved ones. Hold them tight,” it also sounds.

Watch the trailer of Manifesto season 4 part 2 here:

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