Lidl sells a pink espresso machine

For all people who love coffee and the color pink: Lidl is currently selling a pink espresso machine. And it’s affordable too!

pink espresso machine
Source: Lidl

Pink espresso machine

Are you a fan of the color pink, just like us? And are you still looking for an espresso machine for your kitchen or office? Then you’ve come to the right place. Lidl is currently selling a pink espresso machine, and we are a fan! It is not the first time that Lidl sells kitchen appliances in pastel colours. They have previously sold a knife set, hand blenders and food processor in all kinds of colors. But now there is finally something for coffee lovers. In addition to the beautiful pink color, they also sell the coffee maker in turquoise and anthracite. Which color do you choose?

Delicious price

Besides the fact that this espresso machine comes in our favorite color, it is also affordable. For an espresso machine you usually pay from € 100 to € 800, the prices can be quite high with such a device. But at Lidl you have it for only € 79.99. It is still a lot of money, but it is of good quality, it lasts you a long time and you can also work on your barista skills. Enough benefits to get it.

The machine comes with a high-pressure steam wand. You can enter with that no time tap hot water and you can froth your milk for a delicious, hot cappuccino, latte or latte macchiato. In addition, you get a coffee spoon with tamper, so you can make your coffee properly. You also get a bottle of descaler for maintenance. And also nice to know, you can’t make one cup of coffee, but two at the same time. How convenient is that!? So don’t walk to Lidl, but run. Because you must have this pink espresso machine.

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