La bouche rouge, Paris creates zero impact perfume

The French La bouche rouge, Paris, known for its beautiful make-up with clean formulas, has launched its first perfume collection. The fragrance creations consist of 30% upcycled ingredients and no less than 90% of the ingredients have a natural origin. A true olfactory revolution!

From plastic-free make-up to zero impact perfume

Nicolas Gerlier launched a revolutionary make-up brand in 2016 in which luxury and sustainability come together. La bouche rouge, Parisis a haute beauty brand and the first French beauty brand to create plastic-free makeup in refillable packaging. There is also a lot to be gained in perfumery when it comes to sustainability. For example, the perfume industry is still overexploited, which can lead to depletion of the resource. That’s why in 2019 Gerlier challenged some of the world’s greatest perfumers to create new formulas using upcycled ingredients and zero impact on nature. It launches three years later Maison as the first brand in the world to launch a perfume collection with a high concentration of upcycled ingredients (30%) and 90% natural ingredients, bringing about an olfactory revolution in perfumery.

Nude is like a silky caress on the skin

Sustainably sourced rose & cedar

The collection consists of five extrait de parfums and are to share. Rose and cedar play the leading role in the different fragrance creations and are obtained in a sustainable way. For example, the 100% natural rose extract is obtained by means of a gentle steam distillation technique. No trees are cut down for the cedar, but residual materials from wooden furniture and shavings are used. This is distilled into a high quality essential oil. You will also experience this in the exceptional intensity of the perfumes, so that you can enjoy a beautiful fragrance for up to eight hours sillage. Rouge is a perfume from the chypre fragrance family with a floral character. Rose immediately recognizable by the unmistakable, fresh rose scent with a green twist. The summer Blue is a woody floral perfume with lavender, Centifolia rose and cedar that melts beautifully on the skin. Cover yourself with Nude; an intimate perfume with fig, rose, cedar and musk that feels like a silky caress on the skin. Finally, the elegant fragrance Amber. The perfume opens with a sunny top note of raspberry, followed by the warm notes of saffron, vanilla and sandalwood.

The love for handmade products is clearly reflected in the bottles. The refillable glass bottles come from France and are encased in the brand’s signature leather case. This leather, like the cases for the make-up collection, comes from the prestigious Les Tanneries du Puy and ensures a complete beauty experience. From the promise ‘Buy once, refill forever’ were of every scent refills created from 100% upcycled and 100% recyclable aluminum; good for people and planet.

Extrait de parfum from € 195 (100 ml). Refills € 95 (100 ml). The collection is exclusively available at Skins Cosmetics.

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