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Vincent Janssen previously announced that he no longer wants to play for the Dutch national team in the future. The attacker has not regretted that for a moment, he says in an interview with The newspapaer.

International football Janssen

The Dutchman made his debut for Orange in 2016 against France (2-3 defeat). At Tottenham Hotspur, however, he increasingly found himself on the reserve bench and lost his place in the Dutch national team, so that after the autumn of 2017 he was not called up for almost 5 years.

However, that changed when Louis van Gaal was looking for a suitable center forward for the world championship in Qatar and he decided to invite Janssen to play a match against Wales. Last calendar year he came to 5 new international matches, bringing his final number to 22.

Although he makes a lot of playing minutes at Antwerp FC and could therefore end up with the Orange more often, Janssen decided this year to put an end to it. The only 28-year-old attacker says he wants to concentrate on club football and could often not count on a basic place with the Dutch national team.

Farewell to Orange

Since then, Janssen has received various reactions. “Everyone is entitled to their opinion, including the national coach. I just don’t have to worry about that. Something has fallen off me. I am relieved with my choice,” he says in conversation with the medium. “I had several reasons for coming to this decision.”

Will Janssen make the opening goal against Club Brugge?


*Odds are subject to change.

Is Janssen’s farewell understandable?

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